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$1 Billion in Bitcoin Mysteriously Moves In One Transaction


People buy and sell Bitcoin all the time. The transaction amounts come in different amounts ranging from petty cash for use in purchases to substantial amounts held for investments. Moving cryptocurrency from one wallet to another isn’t uncommon, either. Few take notice of mundane, typical wallet-to-wallet transfers. Then, mysterious, someone transfer so massive the news media could not help but notice. An unknown entity moved $1 billion in Bitcoin from one wallet to another.

The $1 billion went into a wallet that received additional transactions including one as low as 7 cents. A cryptocurrency-tracking Twitter account broke the news about the trade not long after it occurred. To say anonymously moving $1 billion in virtual funds raises eyebrows would be an understatement. The “Whale Alert” Twitter account likely isn’t the only entity reviewing transactions. Government entities are surely looking closely at the move.

Since Bitcoin addresses provide privacy to users, the public identity of the person responsible for the move remains unknown. Whether that changes in time is anyone’s guess. Speculation about why such a massive amount of funds moved from one wallet to the other now runs rampant among those keeping tabs on cryptocurrency. Speculation without even a shred of factual information to go on isn’t of much use to anyone, though.

However, some theories do appear more credible than others. Recently, Bakkt, a cryptocurrency warehouse opened for business. Bakkt holds cryptocurrency for customers and may have chosen to transfer a massive amount of Bitcoin it holds. Once again, this theory is purely speculative. If true, the reasoning behind the transfer of funds wouldn’t be anything unusual. A cryptocurrency service that handles deposits and withdrawal moved funds around.

That said, no one knows for sure if Bakkt executed the transaction. Watchers are only concluding the situation.

A closer look does suggest the possibility that about one-third of the funds come from an exchange in Singapore. Managers from the exchange, called Huobi, have neither confirmed nor denied. They only stated they would examine the claim for accuracy.

Eventually, the truth about the transaction will come out. Moving that much virtual money draws too much attention to stay secret. Regardless, the motivations for the transfer aren’t likely anything out of the ordinary. Billions of dollars currently exist in the Bitcoin world. Those funds move around.