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120-Odd Local News Channels Gone Last Night Because Of This


Nexstar Media Group, often identified by the trade name of Nexstar, is a telecom company based in Texas that currently stands as the second-largest owner of television stations across the United States with a total of 174.

Just longer than one full day ago, on Wednesday, July 3, 2019, at 11:59 p.m., AT&T U-verse and DirecTV collectively stopped carrying more than 120 of Nexstar’s 171 total television stations. Ultimately, the two aforementioned cable and Internet service providers’ failing to continue carrying Nexstar’s 120-odd channels affected nearly 100 markets – 97 of them, to be exact – around the nation.

Nexstar was the party that ultimately decided to pull its television stations from air, as the company had tried to negotiate a deal with the two aforementioned telecom subscription service providers but failed to be offered a sweet-enough number to ink a deal with them.

AT&T has since spoken out against Nexstar, sharing that, even though the company had offered Nexstar more money than it was currently receiving from the telecom giant, it refused to do business with AT&T. DirecTV faced a similar scenario, with Nexstar ultimately hoping to garner more money from its hardball-style negotiation tactics.

Both of the companies are open to working with Nexstar, with plans to ultimately bring back the 120-odd stations to consumers’ homes as they had access to just over a day ago.

The television stations that were pulled from contention were almost all local news stations that were affiliates of the United States’ largest news agencies, such as ABC, NBC, and CBS.

Nexstar, which has been in business now for some 23 years, has long taken pride in the fact that the company had not suffered a failure to come to terms on a major distribution deal to this magnitude throughout the entirety of the company’s history.