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3 YouTube Channels Help Traders Excel

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Forex traders are looking towards new ways to master trading while dodging investment schemes. A report from August of a woman losing RM30K in an investment scam caused traders to shift their focus and invest using their own brokers.

YouTube has turned into a source of knowledge for many new traders trying to make sense of forex trading tips and learn how they tie together in real-time.

Three channels have helped traders overcome their initial lack of experience and break away from scams promising large returns.

Forex Trading Basics: YouTube Success

Traders have stepped away from high-risk opportunities and focused on expanding their knowledge to invest on their own. Several channels have helped traders excel:


The channel has videos that date back 8 years. The channel’s first video has over 176,000 views and is geared towards basic forex strategies to help traders learn the basics of trading. The channel covers the complete basics from indicators to stop loss and trade limits.

Videos are uploaded monthly, and tips are still provided along with interviews and journeys from traders trying to make money.

Opteck on YouTube

The trading platform Opteck has its own YouTube channel that covers the basics of their platform. The true knowledge of the channel is found in older videos where market briefings are provided.

Outdated, the briefings still hold the knowledge of how to understand the market and understands what will influence the market even today.

Briefings go back three years, and traders are encouraged to start reviewing and examining briefings to better safeguard themselves against market risks.

The platform has recently started to offer CFD online as a new trading option.


DayTradingForexLive has over 7,900 subscribers and is a quickly growing channel. The channel is part of the website with the same name, and the creator provides videos on how to trade in real-time.

This is a new perspective in trading and provides an insight into trading from the perspective of real-time market analysis.

New traders will learn which market indicators to look at, and they’ll also learn how to trade with live analysis options. Market manipulation is covered to protect traders, and there are live setups and entry techniques covered to provide an in-depth look into life as a trader.

YouTube and Facebook’s live video options have further provided resources for traders who want to work on their own portfolio. Daily trades, analysis and market trends can help new investors begin trading without the fast cash, scam or high commission options.

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