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About Amerifreight


AmeriFreight is a company that helps to address the three most significant areas of shipping a car, including safety, quality, and price. No other firm has done more to assist clients to save on cost. The organization will negotiate on your behalf with the top five percent of over 11,000 carriers for the most favorable rate for shipping your car. The company does not consider carriers that have lower than 95 percent internal quality rating when it comes to shipping your vehicle.

The firm also offers the best customer service in addition to treating carriers with respect. It has the best work environment and employment opportunities. AmeriFreight recognizes that every client is concerned about the safety of their vehicle during shipping, and hence, it offers the best safety measures via the industry standard AFta PLAN. This means that your car coverage is more than the limited plan that carriers offer.

AmeriFreight assists its clients in transporting their vehicles across Canada, the lower 48 US states, and other select locations. The company provides a price guarantee, which ensures that you only incur the price that is quoted. It also offers numerous discounts, and you need to ask if you qualify for them. AFta gap insurance will cover unexpected damages, and you can rest assured that your vehicle is protected.

The company notes that the cost of shipping a sedan on open transport ranges between $495 and $1,300. The average expense of a cross-country auto transport is around $935. Numerous factors will impact this cost, including the season, vehicle size, the popularity of the route, vehicle condition, and distance traveled. The AmeriFreight website has the company’s calculator that you can use to get the amount that you will incur in shipping your vehicle. The company also has a chart that lists estimated costs for numerous popular routes, and they offer discounts for seniors, students, military, and first respondents.

In addition to cars, the company also ships boats, trailers, motorcycles, and RVs. If your car needs extra protection during shipping, you can pick enclosed shipping. The company’s most popular option is door-to-door shipping since it is convenient. In this case, your vehicle will be picked at its current location before being dropped off at your preferred location. AFta gap insurance plan will protect you by covering maximum damage of $1000 for major events and maximum damage of $400 for minor events. Lost keys and rental reimbursements needed in the case of delayed deliveries are also insured. The AFta gap insurance will offer the cover provided the incident is reported within two days of delivery.

AmeriFreight’s shipping process is detailed on the website of the company. It includes getting a quote from the company, confirming your order online, making the initial deposit, and prepping the car and checking its condition. Your vehicle will then get picked up at a pre-determined location, and it will be inspected for damage. Keep in mind that your car needs to be cleared of all belongings prior to shipping. The services of this firm are commendable due to its transparent pricing, their gap insurance, and smooth shipping process.