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Academy of Art University Helps Kick-Start Your Career in Art with Pre-College Experience

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What are your plans for the future? Do you have a rough idea of what you’re interested in? What if you could get a head start on your career training and gain valuable experience in high school?

If you desire a career in art and design, Academy of Art University has just the program to kick-start your future. The Academy’s Pre-College Art Experience (PCAE) provides the perfect opportunity for high school students who want to explore their options.

PCAE is a pre-college art program where high school students can earn scholarship money for future college-level classes at the Academy, all while getting valuable training and hands-on experience in specific art and design disciplines. To top it all off, the Academy covers both application fees and tuition costs for PCAE.

Benefits of Pre-College Art Experience

In PCAE, high school students will get an exciting glimpse into college life, meet other young artists like themselves, and explore a variety of art and design fields at the largest private art institution in the United States.

Enjoy art and design classes with absolutely no tuition charge

High school students will take classes taught by working creatives and learn from the firsthand knowledge and experience of their instructors.

While classes may be taken online, on-campus classes give students access to state-of-the-art tools and equipment. And thanks to the Academy-funded program, applying and enrolling is free of charge.

Earn money toward undergraduate studies at the Academy

Students participating in any of the PCAE programs can earn up to $4,000 to be used toward their future studies at the Academy, should they choose to enroll as undergraduates.

Students must pass all PCAE classes in order to receive the scholarship. A total of $4,000 is possible if students participate in three PCAE semesters.

Build a portfolio of work for the future

During their time in PCAE, students will build their own solid pre-professional portfolio of work for use in college and beyond.

The portfolio is an important aspect of preparing for a career in the arts. After all, a portfolio is meant to showcase an artist’s best work and grab the attention of prospective clients and employers.

Learning how to assemble a portfolio, as well as creating pieces for a portfolio, will give high school students an advantage as they develop their craft.

Discover career opportunities in different fields of art and design

Many high school students who have an artistic flair are still unsure of what area of the arts they wish to pursue. For example, some might start out wanting to study animation, but find that they ultimately prefer visual development or game development.

In that case, high school students will benefit from an early opportunity to sample courses in several different fields through PCAE. Exploring various areas of art and design early on will help students choose their main focus once they enroll in college.

Departments Offering PCAE Program Opportunities

The following Academy academic departments offer opportunities in the spring, summer, and/or fall semesters for PCAE students. Each department has different semester availabilities, so be sure to check when certain classes are offered.

Given that PCAE may semesters overlap with regular high school schedules, each semester is slightly different than the other. Learn more about each program below.

Spring Pre-College Art Experience

The Academy’s Spring Pre-College Art Experience lasts seven weeks and offers up to two classes, either one online and one on the San Francisco campus, or both online. To accommodate high school schedules, on-campus classes are on Saturdays from 12 pm to 2:30 pm.

Students must be currently enrolled in high school at the time of the program. Keep watching this site for Spring 2020 dates!

Summer Pre-College Art Experience

Summer Pre-College Art Experience at the Academy lasts from four to six weeks and allows students to take up to three classes, either online or on the San Francisco campus. In order to qualify for this program, students must be entering high school as a sophomore, junior, or senior the following fall. Graduating high school seniors do not qualify for the Summer PCAE program the year that they graduate.

Unlike Spring and Fall PCAE, Summer PCAE offers students the unique opportunity to stay in campus housing and experience dorm life. Students staying in campus housing must take all three classes on the Academy of Art University campus, not online. Additional fees also apply for those staying in campus housing.

International high school students are encouraged to participate in the online PCAE programs. The next Summer PCAE runs from June 29 to August 10, 2019.

Fall Pre-College Art Experience

Like Spring PCAE, Fall Pre-College Art Experience lasts seven weeks and offers up to two classes, one online and one on the San Francisco campus, or both classes online. Classes on campus are held on Saturdays from 12 pm to 2:30 pm.

Again, students must be currently enrolled in high school at the time of the program. The next Fall PCAE runs from September 28 to November 16, 2019.

If you’re interested in learning more about how PCAE can support your interests, talk to a representative today.

Academy of Art University – It’s Where You Begin

Founded in vibrant, creative San Francisco and family-owned since its inception in 1929, Academy of Art University has focused on training artists and designers of the future. Featuring a hands-on, advanced curriculum, all classes at the Academy are taught by the finest minds actively working in the creative and innovative industries of today.

As part of their San Francisco culture, the Academy features an all-inclusive admissions policy that is rare among art schools. Everyone is welcome. The Academy believes that a student’s potential doesn’t depend on their past elsewhere, but on their future as they study and prepare for their artistic career. Hence, students from various backgrounds around the globe have found their place and their purpose at Academy of Art University.

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