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Airline too Generous with Travel Perks


Majority Senate Leader Mitch McConnell did away with the August recess. The Congress members did not have to worry about the air tickets. It is because they are allowed to book fully refundable tickets. The tickets go for the same price as the nonrefundable tickets ordinary citizens get to buy. It amounts to a saving of hundreds of dollars per ticket. Such a demonstration has raised questions as to whether the Congress is making favorable policy choices in the airline industry. Teams of advocates presume so, and they are launching a campaign to draw public attention. Consumer advocate Ralph Nader and Paul Hudson gave complains in an open letter to the Congress last month.

The House Committee on Ethics did not comment on the matter conclusively when asked to do so. The duty of the committee is to implement standards of ethical conduct at Capitol Hill. The lawyers are instigating congressional airline benefits too much. In another framework, allowing the Congressmen to receive close to $200,000 worth of tax-free personal air travel. Efforts of making this illegal are underway. However, in a 2008 memo from the House Committee on Standard of Official Conduct formed an ambiguity claiming that there was little or no identifiable monetary value to air tickets.

Nader and Hudson contend that airlines bribe to Congressmen in a variety of ways. They received exclusive phone lines and status upgrades. The advocates further took a step of posing the info to 535 members of Congress. They are still waiting for responses from arrogant occupants of the Halls of Washington. Also, Airlines in the United States declined to give any comment when they were confronted by the advocates. Word has it that for one to travel on fully refundable ticket individuals must travel on government business and it is restricted to specific airlines.

Andrea Newman claimed that the government fees were negotiated to a certain level. A Senator’s family would have to foot the bill if they wanted to travel using the airlines. The Vice President for the National Consumers League confirmed that the Congressman was getting a sweet deal. In fact, there is no other private or public entity enjoying similar services as the congressional representativesYour text to link…. Advocates are concerned about the inaction by the US Congress on the matter. In 2016, political interactions with airlines hit a record high during the election period. They spent close to $7.4 million trying to manipulate policies via the Congressmen.