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Alex Mascioli’s Journey as Hedge Fund Executive


Alex Mascioli is an investor and an American businessman. He has founded the North Street Capital, LP and is also the managing partner of that company. North Street Capital invests in private and public equity as well as leveraged buyouts.

Mr. Mascioli has also been involved with Spyker Cars which is a Dutch company. He also was associated with Saab automobile, a Swedish automaker. Along with CEO and Saab Chairman Victor Muller, they had both dealt with North Street. This made it possible for them to acquire Spyker from the Swedish Automobile. When Mr. Mascioli had made the offers, he was still considered to be a mysterious businessman without a lot of background information about him.

After that deal had completed, Alex Mascioli spent $70 million on shares of Saab. He spent $60 million to issue a convertible note to collateralize assets of Saab. It was reported back in 2011 that Mr. Mascioli may even take full control of Saab and that he had the ability and capacity to do so. Alex Mascioli is credited for saving Saab.

In 2012, Alex Mascioli had offered a buyout to Winnebago Industries Inc. Mr. Mascioli is also a race car enthusiast. He has valued the motor homes maker at $321.5 million. Even though North Street had offered a 29% premium on Winnebago, they have stated that they did not get enough of information to call the offer credible. It would have been an $11 per share offer. They still studied the offer and needed more negotiation.

In 2014 Alex Mascioli had acquired the Los Angeles Based Hedge Fund Administrator. It was announced in an Opalesque Industry Update. His North Street Global Fund Services had closed by acquiring the hedge fund administrator, Hedge Solutions, Inc., which is based in Los Angeles. This important move was co-headed by Joseph Musto. It was used to indicate the commitment to better serve their clients and to grow their resources in order to do so. At that time, it was the second transaction in one year and has geographically expanded their firm to the west coast. Legal counsel by Marino Partners LLP of White Plains, New York served in this particular transaction.

Mr. Mascioli was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico on August 30, 1975. He currently resides in Greenwich, Connecticut with his occupation in Investment Banking. The media he has been published in include articles about automakers that include Bentley, BMW, Audi, Maserati, Jaguar and Mercedes. He was published in an article entitled “On The Road With Alex Mascioli”.

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