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Alexis Ohanian Bets on Bitcoin and Other Crypto


These days, Alexis Ohanian may be most famous for marrying tennis phenom Serena Williams and raising a daughter with her. However, many forget that he also happens to be the founder of the wildly popular platform Reddit, which is often referred to as the front page of the internet. Now that Ohanian has had some time to focus on his personal life, the plan is to enter the venture capital realm and back away from overseeing the daily operations of the website he founded.

Since he already started a venture capital firm about six years ago, this move should prove fortuitous for the digital impresario. Known as Initialized Capital, the group has often used Ohanian’s Reddit savvy to make sound investments. After all, Ohanian can see organic trends before they take root, giving him a unique perspective of new investments and potential markets to tap. In a world where investments can be very uncertain, this is actually a great way to amass knowledge about emerging ideas. With Ohanian’s investment in Initialized, he has been able to influence the early growth of great platforms such as Coinbase, which is how many people have bought their first Bitcoin.

Speaking of Bitcoin, Ohanian’s view is rather bullish. Estimating that Bitcoin (BTC) will be at $20,000 by the end of the year and that Ethereum (ETH) will climb to $1,500, he seems to be rather enthusiastic about the future of blockchain. Opining on an “Internet 3.0”, Ohanian also shared ideas about artificial intelligence and the scaleability of certain blockchain technologies. With his business savvy and sensational sense for when something new is about to impact the internet, it seems like Ohanian will be the best kind of VC investor—the hyper-aware and informed guru. In an age where people tend to speculate without backing up their claims, Ohanian seems to answer for all of the difficult questions that are asked of him. With seven months or so, we will be able to see if his predictions are indeed accurate.