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Alibaba Continues Growth


For the past decade, Alibaba has continued to be one of the most dynamic companies in the world. While they have the reputation as being the Amazon of China, the company has continued to grow and expand their business. Ever since they had their IPO a couple of years ago, Alibaba has continued to impress investors and customers. Now the organization seems heavily focused on making strategic investments in new organizations and existing parts of the company (https://www.axios.com/ant-financial-alibaba-152846787-af01d8f8-966a-4884-8422-eabd23cec1c1.html).

Overall, Alibaba has a variety of very major wings and divisions. One of the larges parts of the company is Ant Financial, which is the fin tech part of the company. Due to the growing size of Ant Financial, the company has had an easy time finding new money to grow the business. In fact, the company recently announced that it had raised more than $14 billion in Series C capital. The new capital raise was able to include separate tranches for by Chines investors as well as a US dollar tranche for all over investors across the globe.

Overall, this is a very momentous occasion for both Alibaba and the private equity and venture capital industry as a whole. The $14 billion raise is the largest such raise in history and shows that major organizations will continue to be able to raise capital in any environment. There were a number of major companies that participate in the capital raise including Discovery Capital Management, Canada Pension Plan Investment, and Silver Lake.

The capital raise will give both Alibaba and Ant Financial plenty of capital needed to continue to fuel growth for the organization. Ant Financial today is already the largest online payment service and has control over the largest money market fund in the world. The company will likely use this to expand its service and customer base. This will likely include finding ways to continue to grow and expand into markets in the United States, Europe, and parts of South America.

Ant Financial also intends to open up a larger business in the consumer lending industry. The company has already dabbled in this space and sees that there is a lot of potential. Since online loans are already very popular with people looking for debt, Ant Financial has the ability to either build their own platform or work to acquire existing platforms that have already developed a strong customer and investor base.