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Aloha Construction’s Top Three Ways For Small Business To Give Back to the Community


Aloha Construction was founded in Lake Zurich, Illinois in 2008. The company has been successfully run by CEO Dave Farbaky for nearly ten years. They have completed nearly 18,000 projects during this time, and are clearly a staple in their community. Aloha Construction is family owned and operated, so they know the importance of staying connected to their roots in the small town of Lake Zurich  and giving back when they can.

Why Small Business Should Give Back

Dave and Aloha Construction believe it is important for small businesses to give back to the communities they work in. No matter what town, city, or neighborhood your small business is in, the individuals in that community have supported the business in some way for it to be successful. When your small business returns the favor, you ensure a positive standing the community and help local families and children in need. Plus, it will just plain make you feel good.

Giving back has other benefits as well. First, the donations you give are tax deductible. Second, working with charities or other volunteer organizations in your community can also create a ripple of good PR which can promote products and increase business. Sponsoring local events can also increase awareness of your brand in the small community. Doing something good with your small business brings good things to you, which is a win win situation for both your business and the community.


How Small Business Can Give Back

So, now you know how giving back can be good for your small business. But, how can you begin getting involved in your community? There are three great ways to do so. You can get involved with a local organization, you can give back by starting your own foundation, or you can sponsor a local team or event. Dave Farbaky and Aloha Construction give examples of how they do each one, and how you can do the same with your small business.


1.Get Involved With Local Organizations

Getting involved with the local organizations in your community is the easiest way to give back, and is the best place to start if you’re new to charity work. This is the perfect jumping off point because there are so many different options, foundations, charities, and organizations to choose from, so it is easy to find one that you can be passionate about. The passion is important because building a long lasting relationship with the organization of your choice is key to being an effective donor. Whether it’s time, labor, or money that you give, you can rest assured that the local organizations will be grateful and heavily impacted by your good deed.


One way Aloha Construction exemplifies giving back to their Illinois community is through their event with The Bloomington Boys and Girls Club. Not every charity event has to be formal, serious, and educational. Sometimes, kids just need to have fun. So, that’s exactly what Dave and his team gave them when they provided tickets, box seats, and hosted and night out at the Bloomington Thunder hockey game for a group of disadvantaged children. In this case, giving back means giving good experiences and memories to kids in the community.

Aloha Construction Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS

2. Start a Foundation to Give Back

Once your small business has their foot in the door through connections, donations, and event attendance with local organizations, the next step can be to start your own foundation. There are many advantages to starting your own foundation, including ensuring more effective philanthropy, access to more extensive giving opportunities, and greater control over your charitable donations.


Dave created the Dave Farbaky Foundation to do all that, and more. Through Aloha Construction, the Farbaky Foundation plans to sponsor multiple events for the children in his community. Most recently, the foundation sponsored a shopping spree for a local family in need. At the event, four children took home $7,000 worth of toys, all thanks to the Dave Farbaky Foundation.

3. Sponsor a Local Team or Event

Sponsoring a local team or event is a third way for your small business to donate to the community. Local sponsorship means providing an annual donation in return for your name on the team, arena, or event. It can be a great way to increase brand awareness in your community and support children who otherwise may not be able to participate in certain events.


Who should you sponsor? That’s up to you to research and decide. Aloha Construction decided the best way to give back was to sponsor the local high school football team in their town. Now, they can help ensure that the school has the funds to continue supporting the team, and any children who cannot afford extra uniform costs, equipment, or sports fees still have the opportunity to play the game they love.





Giving back to the community that supported you and helped you grow is an important part of running a small business. Returning the favor and becoming involved in your community has many benefits, both personal and professional. Besides doing good for others and feeling good about yourself, giving back can also help increase brand awareness and promote your business to your target audience.


Aloha Construction and the Dave Farbaky Foundation exemplify the importance of community involvement by giving back in multiple ways. Follow in their footsteps to do good in your own neighborhood. There are many different ways to do so. Start a relationship with a local organization you are passionate about and donate your time and money to a good cause. You can also start a foundation to hold events and give back to families in your community. Finally, look into sponsoring a local event or team to help children pursue extracurriculars they are passionate about. Your community has supported you over the years, now it is time to use these top three ways to give back!