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Amazon Set to Venture into Computing


Exactly three years ago, Amazon suffered a humiliating failure when it tried to launch the first Echo smart speaker. The same can be said about the latest attempt by the retail giant when it tried a shot at its first smartphone. However, despite these failures, Amazon has come out of the deal with invaluable lessons. The company feels that they now understand the consumer products fickle market. At the moment, Amazon is still convinced that most of its brightest opportunities lie in Echo and any hardware that may be powered by Alexa. For starters, Alexa is an intelligent assistant that has been developed by the company, and it’s the idea behind these devices. This might be the reason why Amazon announced on Wednesday that they would be releasing a host of products that are powered by Alexa. These are devices that have been designed for specific areas with home being one of them. One of these products is the Echo Spot, this is a smart alarm clock that has been designed for desks and night stands. At the same time, the new devices by Amazon will be less expensive and smaller. The company says that it prides itself in producing what their customers want.

However, this recent idea is far from designing what their customers want. Instead, Amazon wants to be in the league of Apple and Google by using the old marketing trick of aggressive pricing. The company aims at achieving this by finding ways and means to make its products necessary for their customers. This offers Amazon with the opportunity to become relevant in the computing world. Amazon is looking to venture into an area that has been singled out by major technology companies as very promising. In the future, intelligent assistants, as well as voice commands, will be very crucial. These two possess the primary ways that will determine how people interact with technology. Its effect will be greater and vital than the effect of keyboards and touch screens. According to senior vice president of services and devices at Amazon, the company has a branch that consists of 5,000 employees who are working on Alexa projects. This has been made possible through a living room coupled with a kitchen on the 30th floor of one of its high-rise building. Popular uses of Alexa by Amazon will be smart home appliances control, communication as well as music. Amazon is yet to release sales figures.