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AOC Tells McConnell His Brain Is Kentucky Fried When It Comes To Gun Control Legislation


Wall Street started circling their investment wagons when the Trumpster declared he’ll take on China with his backfiring tariff weapons. Wall Street economists told Jerome Powell he needs to cut interest rates by at least a half percent in 2019 to cover up the damage the tariffs do to the economy. Trump’s no-holds-bar trade war with China is about to get financially painful for American consumers

Most economists who understand how China operates think it will be a long trade war unless Trump’s economic advisors wake up. Mr. Trump claims China pays the tariffs, but in this reality, American pay the tariffs based on the current import-exports laws.

Chinese manufacturers charge American businesses a factory production price which includes labor and material costs. And the factories charge importers the ocean and air shipment costs as well. But factories also add the U.S. tariff, or what importers call “duty,” to the other three ingredients. The total is the freight on board price. American importers also add any inland freight charges. The importer uses the total cost to figure a wholesale and a retail price. The tariffs are in that total cost.

China retaliated by asking all China states to stop buying American farm products. China also devalued its currency so Chinese consumers don’t pay more for American products because of its retaliatory tariffs. Trump calls that currency manipulation. But China calls it trade-war revenge.

Mr. Trump special way of negotiating turned Chinese negotiators off. China thinks Trump is a bully, and he doesn’t keep his word. President Xi saw what Trump threw Kim Jon Un to the negotiating curb in Hanoi. The Chinese press said Xi would never let Trump make boss him around in front of the world, according to the New York Times.

Putin wants to have a sit down with Trump again. Mr. Putin thinks Trump has a new missile he wants to scare Russia with. But Putin has new missiles too, and he can put them in Cuba if Trump puts new missiles in Europe, according to the Times.

Senate leader Mitch McConnell is under fire for letting Congress-approved gun control bills sit in the Senate for six months. Mitch won’t bring the bills up for debate. But that might change now that Mitch’s has to explain why he thinks no background checks are okay after the recent violence. AOC thinks Mitch has Trump snake oil running through his political veins, and his brain is a little Kentucky fried.