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Apple’s $53,000 Mac Pro and Other News


The following are five things in tech in the past week and their effects on your business.

Apple’s most classy computer ever ($53,000)
This past week, Apple revealed its new Mac Pro advertising massive storage capacities, and unique processing capabilities accompanied by its high cost. The computer’s high-end attachments that will make the overall price add-up rapidly. Some accessories include a $25,000 RAM and a $7,000 processor. There’s an optional add-on if buyers want to add the Afterburner accelerator card, trackpad and wheels for the latest model. The price doesn’t include the monitor.

Yahoo’s extra time to download Groups information
Contrary to its October announcement on deleting its group data wholly by Dec. 14, they decided to add more time. Yahoo Groups are allowed to request their data till 11:59 pm on Jan. 31, 2020. Yet, users still won’t be able to view content on Groups after Dec. 14. As of Oct. 28, Yahoo no longer permits uploading of content, making the platform moderately restricted already. Yahoo also shared their extension on restricting the deadline for public groups, meaning users will need to request an invite by group admin after Jan. 31.

Twitter’s preservation of JPEG quality for web photo uploads
This week, Twitter has publicized that they’ll be modifying the way uploaded photos are processed. Photographers will display their work effectively. Rather than transcoding images, Twitter will now be conserving JPEG encoding when pictures are uploaded to the Internet via the platform. While thumbnails will still need Twitter to compress and transcode images that appear in Twitter feeds, they will view an uncompressed, full image. This will improve our image’s quality and purge non-active accounts.

ShopFulfill launches a WeWork-like service
The NYC-based start-up, Anchor Shops, will offer the opening for online products to lease a space in one of their online sites, starting at $600 per month. Retailers will have a platform to share retail warehousing, staff, and carriage for keeping their stock. This will save them from upfront charges that accompany leasing a fabulous location. Pacts between online retailers and Anchor Shops will be modified according to the amount of space required by the retailer.

Gmail services
Google has stated they’ll establish a new feature allowing you to forward multiple attachments and emails. When composing, users can provide an account for the series of emails being attached and click. The function will connect every email to be forwarded as attachments.