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Bank Pays Off Student Loan Debt


Jasmin Ford has been struggling to get by for the past 12 years. She works as a nurse and has said that being a nurse is one of her greatest accomplishments in life. She is also the mother to a two-year-old boy. Jasmin grew up on the south side of Chicago. She is the person in her family to go to college.

However, she has a $150,000 debt due to her college education. She works six days out of the week and has two jobs. She did not think that she would ever be able to pay off her student loan debt. Jasmin stated that there were times when she could not make the minimum payment on her student loans.

Fifth Third Bank decided to step in and help the struggling mother. Mike Crawford works for Fifth Third Bank. He stated that student loan debt is a burden for many people, and it negatively impacts their ability to change the world.

Mike called Jasmin to tell her the good news. Jasmin could not believe it at first. She stated that this was a life-changing moment for her and her son. Mike stated that Fifth Third Bank decided to help Jasmin because she is an inspiration to many people.

Jasmin stated that her son will not have to go through what she has been through. She will be able to save for his college. Jasmin also said that the course of her life has changed since she got her debt paid off. She used to live day-to-day, but she does not have to do that anymore.

Fifty Third Bank wants to pay off more people’s student loan debts. If you are a Fifth Third Bank customer, then your debit card purchases will be rounded up. This money will be applied to your student loan balances.