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Belinda Stronach: Businesswoman, Politician, and Philanthropist


Belinda Stronach is one of the women who have proven that women can also compete competitively against their male counterparts. She has had an outstanding career in both the corporate world and the political arena.

Early Life and Education

Belinda Stronach was born in Ontario, Canada in 1966. She was born in a family of business people, with both her parents being business pioneers in Canada. The family company, Magna International, has stood out as one of the best conglomerates in North America. Her parents, Frank and Elfrieda Stronach, stressed the need for young Belinda to learn the ropes of business from an early age. It was the main reason why they recruited her at Magna International when she was still a young adult.

Belinda graduated from Newmarket high school and soon proceeded to York University. She stayed on at the university from 1984 to 1985. However, her father saw the potential in her from a young age and decided to hire her at Magna International in amanagerial position. That signified the stat of her long tenure at Magna International.

Career, Achievements & Awards

Belinda had a reasonably successful career at Magna International. She was recognized for her hard work and dedication as soon as she joined the company. Subsequently, she climbed the ranks and became vice president of the company in 1999. She later became the CEO and president of the company after serving as the Executive Vice President of human resources from 2001 to 2002.

The corporate sector once in a while recognizes outstanding performance. One such person who was awarded for their achievements in the corporate world was Belinda Stronach. For instance, she received the Beth Shalom Humanitarian Award in 2003 soon after being named the second most powerful woman in International Business by Fortune Magazine. Lastly, Time Magazine also awarded her the 100 Builders and Titans title in 2004.

Belinda’s Achievements at Magna International

Belinda’s tenure at Magna signified the beginning of a rigorous reform that transformed the company. She used her position as the CEO to preside over the company’s five principal divisional subsidiaries through a decentralized structure. She revamped the structure of Magna and increased Magna’s profits and share price while working at the firm’s Aurora headquarters.

How Belinda Kept the Business Culture Alive

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After taking up the position of Vice President, Belinda ensured that she stuck to the company’s guiding principles and culture. One way she kept the culture alive was by forging new alliances and friendships with people from both the political landscape such as Bill Clinton and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Such actions improved Magna’s public relations and protected the organization’s interests not only in Canada but also the larger North America.

Belinda Stronach loves taking on new challenges. One big problem she took was to contest for a political seat in the House of Commons in 2004. Despite coming second, she never let her failure to clinch the seat dampen her spirits. She continued serving the society both in the public and private realm in equal measure.