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Bezos Becomes The World’s Very First $100 Billion Man


According to Forbes, Amazon’s chief executive officer Jeff Bezos is the first person on planet Earth to hold a personal net worth valuation exceeding $100 billion.

While the United States economy has treated entrepreneurs and high-ranking executives like Bezos quite well, the net worth of current United States President Donald J. Trump has sunk considerably. Even though most of Mr. Trump’s investments are held in stocks, combined with a great 18-odd months for financial markets in the United States of America, his net worth still managed to reliance so much.

Donald J. Trump Is Still Worth Billions, And Billions, And Billions…

According to Forbes‘s net worth ranking experts – how they get their collective hands on so much private information? The world may never know – valued Donald J. Trump at roughly $3.5 billion at the end of calendar year 2016, at the time he took office as President of the United States of America.

Recent statistics indicate that Mr. Trump is worth only – such a paltry, peasant-like sum – $3.1 billion. He is now exceeded in personal wealth by 765 others around planet Earth, securing his spot as 766th-richest. The $400-odd million drop caused Mr. Trump to lose more than 200 spaces to him, her, them, and those – OK, still; being 766th-richest in the world would be awesome, to say the least… gotta love income inequality – down from the 544th spot on 2016’s list.

Mr. Donald Trump first found his way onto Forbes‘ long-running annual personal wealth valuations in 1987, since the financial news media giant first started publishing the list. Also of noteworthiness is the fact that nobody has risen above a valuation of $100 billion, with Jeff Bezos earning the first such title.

On February 9, 2018, Forbes indicated that the wealth of Amazon’s innovative, excellence-driven chief executive officer stood at $112 billion. Just 365 days before this valuation, on February 9, 2017, Bezos was worth a pathetic $73 billion. I bet all of you readers have $73 billion wedged in the odd folds of your wallet right now! Right? Right?

Unlike Trump, the majority of Bezos’s fortune takes form in stock held in Amazon. Over the year-long period that the financial newsmagazine tracked the net worth of planet Earth’s richest, Amazon’s stock rose a whopping 59 percent.