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The Big Wall Street Gurus Think 2019 Is A Comeback Year


The stock market has Trumphobia, and it’s contagious. Countries around the world watch in awe and some watch with smiles on their faces as Trump dismantles the fundamental aspects of the U.S. government. Mr. Trump rode into Washington on the bear market, and he quickly claimed responsibility for filling investors pockets with money. Corporations kissed his ring as he cut the corporate tax rate. President Trump showed his voter base he has the ability to pitch a hissy fit when things don’t go his way or when people try to explain what good governing looks like.

But the stock market thrived in 2017 regardless of how many undocumented claims came out of Trump’s mouth. Trump had people by their financial short hairs, and he decided to pull harder. He picked a fight with China, and he gave Kim Jon Un a lesson in lying, American style. He told Europe to go pound Baltic Sea sand, and he gave the Russians an up close and personal look at what the American puppet, Mr. Bluster looks like. Even though Mueller has his Elliot Ness hat on, and his Tommy Gun pointed at Trump, the stock investors kept their MAGA Hats on until they woke up.

All is not well in Washington but the big Wall Street investors think better returns are in works. Sixty-five percent of the people who responded to the “Halftime Report Stock Survey” think the market will offer up some serious stock opportunities in 2019. Fifty-eight percent of those people say the current market valuations make equities look like a bargain. Those investors say now’s the time to buy. The experts know the market always recovers. The big question is when? Those 2018 fourth-quarter Dow results bring back memories of 2008.

The worst may not be over yet, according to some of those experts. They say once all the air is out of stocks, and Trump ends his trade and tariff wars, stocks will make a comeback. No one knows what Mueller’s investigation will discover about Trump. But several news reports say he has to play nice with China, and he must try to act like he knows what he’ll do in terms of instilling confidence in the stock market after the wall becomes a non-issue. He started that process by giving Fed Chair Powell another Twitter spanking for raising interest rates in 2018.