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Blake Bortles Is No Lock to Be Jags QB


There is no telling who the starting QB is going to be for the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2017. That is certainly not the way the Jags drew it up. However, Blake Bortles has been dreadful in both of the preseason games he has played in. This has caused Jags coach Doug Marrone to go on the record and say that the QB position has not been determined yet. Bortles was removed from the second preseason game and replaced with Chad Henne who is currently serving as the backup QB. However, Henne might not be the backup for much longer if Bortles does not get his act together.

It will be very interesting to see how the Jags QB competition develops as the preseason moves forward. It is unlikely that Bortles expected to find himself with his job in serious jeopardy after two preseason games. Therefore, how will he react to suddenly having to fight for his professional life when he probably thought the job was his? How will he handle this adversity? Will he fold under the pressure or rise to the occasion? Only time will tell which QB steps up.

Henne had been a starter for most of his career with Miami and with the Jags until he got off to a horrible start in 2014. Bortles took over the starting QB job and Henne has been relegated to being a backup ever since. However, it appears as if Henne will have a very serious chance to win the starting job back as long as he does not get injured. The final two preseason games will be a huge opportunity for Henne to show coach Marrone that he still is able to lead the offense and be an effective signal caller in the NFL. When a starting QB gets demoted to a backup, he rarely is able to land another starting job unless there is an injury to the starter and the team is desperate. Henne has been given a golden opportunity. We will have to wait and see what he does with it.

Some people in the media have been speculating that Bortles must be hurt. That is the only way they can explain his horribly inaccurate passes. However, Bortles and the Jags team doctor both confirm that there is nothing wrong with him physically. This means it will be difficult to figure out what is bothering him and how to fix it.

This situation is nothing new for the Jags. They have been having problems with their QBs for the better part of 10 years now. The Jags have a ton of talent in other positions on the team. They could possibly contend for a playoff spot if they had even an average QB. The ownership of the Jags also said it is not out of the realm of possibilities that the team would go out and bring in another QB before the season starts. However, everyone in the Jags organization is hoping that will not be necessary.

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