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Brandless Aims To Change How You Shop


For a long time, retailers have been making their living on inflating the prices of their products. The reason for price inflation on consumer products is simple, retailers have to pay for their distribution and branding. As a result, this inflated ‘middle-man’ system has led to consumers paying more for products than they ever should. Brandless is a new company that is seeking to disrupt this expensive process by catering directly to customers. How can a company come from nowhere in order to disrupt how retail establishments have been operating for decades? That’s a great question.

Let’s say that you need to stock up on some cleaning supplies for a big move that you are making. Typically, you would drive down the street to a big box store whereupon you’d pay extra for branded products that were shipped multiple times before landing in your city. Each stop along the way, from manufacturing to distribution, costs you extra money, and you don’t even get a benefit from it. Retail establishments have happily passed distribution expenses straight to the end consumer and nobody has been the wiser.

Brandless is essentially cutting the traditional retail process in half by selling you products directly. As an e-commerce shop with a different angle, Brandless is aiming to provide its customers with their own brand of food and household items at a bottom-of-the-barrel price point. For example, you’d be able to get your cleaning supplies at a price that no brick-and-mortar establishment would be able to match. As a result, consumers are able to experience savings that they’d never have thought possible.

The founders of the company are Tina Sharkey and Ido Leffler and their goal from the beginning has been to save money for the consumer while attacking the very foundation of conventional retail. Sharkey, who was interviewed by Business Insider back in 2017, pointed out that conventional consumption has changed dramatically over the years. As a result of the rise of e-commerce, conventional brands have been dying off. After seeing a hole in the market to exploit, Sharkey and the rest of her Brandless team have been quick in order to try to fill it. Brandless has already gotten over $240 million in funding, and they appear to be making a real play at commerce giants like Amazon.

Right now, the company is largely focused on providing customers access to the items that they need in order to live a happy life. The company breaks down its online platform into an array of sub-categories. The primary categories provided are Food, Home, Personal Care, Health, Baby, and Pet. Customers can roll through each category in order to fill their e-cart. At the end of their shopping trip, customers can enjoy free shipping on any and all orders that exceed $48 total. For families looking to make their budget last as long as possible, this is a viable solution. With a rapidly growing catalog of products and the world of e-commerce becoming more and more popular, Brandless might just be here to stay.