Home Business Leader Brian Tambi: An Illustrious Career In Prescription Pharmaceutical Industry

Brian Tambi: An Illustrious Career In Prescription Pharmaceutical Industry


Brian Tambi is an experienced investor who has been at the helm of various organizations in the United States. He has held various leadership positions in several companies besides investing heavily in some companies in the medical sector. Originally, Tambi served as the Chief Executive Officer and the President of Antrim Pharmaceuticals. This is the company that brought Tambi to the limelight and ultimately to the wealthy class where he accrued considerable amounts of money after disposing the company.

The primary role of Antrim Pharmaceuticals was to focus on developing various products in the industry, which were to be used as drugs. The company did not only develop, but it also marketed a combination of single-agent drugs and medical delivery systems. While at the company, Brian Tambi was able to help the organization establish its operational strategies in the medical industry, which is one of the most complex markets in the United States. The company achieved significant success in the manufacture and distribution of single-agent drugs across the country.

It is worth noting that Brian Tambi has worked at Insys Therapeutics, which is one of the medical companies that have played a key role in dealing with pain in the country. He was a member of the border in a period when the company was significantly expanding and looking for investment opportunities to create revenue. Insys is a drug development company that was focusing on using cannabinoids as a therapeutic drug in dealing with various illnesses facing a considerable number of people around the country.

It is important to highlight that Insys is a registered company that had its shares trading in the New York Securities Exchange, which is a clear indication that the company was under strict rules and regulations from the governing authorities. Worth noting is that any organization working in the medical industry is highly regulated and monitored by the FDA and other organizations that regulate against sale of poisonous drugs in the country. Brian Tambi has been an influential figure in the growth and expansion of this company.

Besides working at Insys as the member of the board, Brian Tambi has played a key role in the growth and expansion of Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals. This is leading drug manufacture that concentrated on manufacturing liquid drugs and selling them over the counter in the United States. Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals Incorporated is highly known for its significant attention in topical pharmaceuticals and oral liquid. In this company, Tambi worked Chief Executive Officer, the chairman of the board, and the President of the company. He worked in this company from 1995 to 2006.

Currently, Brian Tambi operates as the Director of Akon Incorporated. This is a company that engaged in development, manufacture, and marketing of prescription pharmaceuticals. The company operates in the Consumer Health and Prescription Pharmaceuticals business segments. Some of the prescription products developed, manufactured, and marketed by Akon Incorporated includes nasal sprays, inhalants, oral liquid, and ophthalmic among others. The company has been operating in Lake Forest, Illinois, since its inception in 1971.