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Burger King Announces Cyrptocurrency in Russian Markets


The recent growth of cryptocurrency has companies and investors alike jumping aboard the bandwagon. One massive company is changing the way fast food companies view this type of currency. People in Russia now have access to what Burger King calls WhopperCoin.

Customers earn WhopperCoin through a sort of customer rewards program. In Russia, customers earn one WhopperCoin for every rouble spent on a Whopper burger. Next, the WhopperCoin is placed in a digital wallet for the customer. Someone downloads the equivalent Burger King app and can instantly see how much Whoppercoin they have. The current price of buying a whopper costs a total of 1,700 WhopperCoin. The value of WhopperCoin could change drastically, as Burger King hopes this new currency takes off in a big way.

Burger King is treating WhopperCoin exactly like some of the largest forms of cryptocurrency. Customers of the fast food chain can trade, send, and sell any WhopperCoin they’ve accumulated. No other fast food company has offered their customers cryptocurrency for purchasing menu items. Seeing this form of currency is a new experience for many fast food customers.

The Miami Herald was able to obtain a recent press release from Burger King Russia. This press release basically states that Burger King is creating WhopperCoin based on the increasing value of cryptocurrency. Ivan Shestov who is the head of external communications for Burger King’s Russian operations likened eating whoppers to potentially gaining wealth in the future. Only the future will tell how popular Burger King’s new cryptocurrency idea becomes.

In summary, Burger King launched a huge announcement about their inclusion of a form of cryptocurrency. The legendary fast food company is offering WhopperCoin to customers in Russia that purchase a Whopper. The Whopper is one of Burger King’s most famous menu items. After the purchase of a Whopper, customers receive WhopperCoin to do with what they please. Customers can keep, sell, or trade this from of cryptocurrency. It is unknown if other fast food companies will implement any cryptocurrency of their own.