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There Can Be No Doubt That Businessman Art Peck Has Made A Difference With Each Organization He Has Been Involved With


A Business Journey Characterized By Making A Difference

Art Peck is a notable businessman and executive leader who is notable for his long and successful professional career that has included a run as the Chief Executive Officer at renowned retail clothing operation Gap Inc. Art Peck was involved in this role from 2015 until earlier this calendar year of 2019. Regarding his educational background, Art studied at Los Angeles, California’s Occidental College where he earned his undergrad degree. He then went on to attain his MBA at the Harvard Business School. This was the leadup to a successful professional career that began with him spending many years working for the Boston Consulting Group. Art Peck was with this firm from 1982 until the 2005 calendar year. During his time working with this organization, he rose to the position of Senior Vice President. When it comes to this job role, Art originally thought it might be a short stop in his overall trajectory but he soon found himself immersed in the firm and this led to more than two decades of success in the organization.

A Journey Through The Company Ranks At Gap Inc.

After his time with the Boston Consulting Group, Art Peck began his first involvement with Gap in the firm’s Outlet Stores division. After a three year tenure in this capacity, he took on the role of President at Gap North America during 2011. Art Peck followed this position up with the President position at Gap Inc.’s Growth, Innovation and Digital branch where he worked until 2015. The tremendous success enjoyed by Art Peck in these various roles with Gap Inc. led to his ascension to the dual role of Chief Executive Officer and company President during the 2015 calendar year. Art also took on the role of Partner at The Great in 2015 and he continues in this role to this day.

An Exciting Time For The Businessman

Art Peck’s ascension into the Chief Executive Officer/President role at Gap Inc. was greeted with much fanfare due to the tremendous success that he had enjoyed with the various other leadership roles he had undertaken at the firm. This success was highlighted by the accomplishments of the two years before Art becoming the new company CEO. He enjoyed tremendous successes in the real of e-commerce within the scope of the Gap business model. His leadup to taking on the head executive position was preceded by his involvement with virtually every aspect of the firm’s business model. There is little doubt that the tremendous global presence that Gap now enjoys is due in large part to the tireless and diligent work that was put in by Art Peck in the years leading up to his promotion into the CEO/President role with the clothing firm. With this in mind, there is no doubt that the impressive promotion was well deserved. It is for this reason that Art Peck’s arrival in the new head executive role at Gap was so highly anticipated.