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Capitalizing on Logan Stout’s IDLife as an Extra Source of Income


There is no shortage of direct selling opportunities today for those willing to go the extra mile in taking on a side hustle. Some people are even so successful that they are able to quit their regular gigs and work as an independent consultant for these companies as their profession. While having a knack for sales and a large social network certainly help those direct selling superstars to become successful, you will never get off the ground with your side business if you are not representing a premium product that is in demand. This is where IDLife can make all the difference for you in launching your own business and working with a high-quality product that has been proven to be effective in a wide sample size. Customers are saying great things about IDLife, which is no surprise.

IDLife was created as a solution to the impersonal and confusing market for health supplements and vitamins. Big stores sell countless options of supplements without any personalized information on how customers should best use them with their daily diet and exercise plan or the quantities to consume. Logan Stout, a former professional baseball champion, set out to start IDLife as a way to provide a more customized plan for his clients to get the proper ratios of supplements. He worked closely with doctors and researchers to understand how this could be done on a large scale.

The idea behind IDLife is that each customer would receive a pack of vitamins and supplements that they take in the morning and evening. There is no searching around on the Internet or paying a personal trainer big bucks to explain how many of the supplements should be taken. IDLife makes the entire process stress-free. Stout believes that this will make diet and exercise more accessible to a broader range of people because IDLife breaks things down without being condescending or patronizing. Diet and exercise have always been a part of Stout’s career and personal life, which is one of the reasons why he is so passionate about sharing healthy options with as many people as possible.

Many of the independent consultants who sell IDLife subscriptions and products are also successful users of the products themselves. They have amazing personal experiences to share with customers and can explain how taking the right combination of supplements and vitamins helped to fuel their healthy routines and earn them sustainable results. If you are considering signing up with IDLife, it is a great idea to try the products out for yourself. The more knowledgeable you are about the products and subscriptions that you are selling, the easier it will be for you to connect with customers.

Even if you have never considered yourself to be a salesperson, IDLife gives you the tools you need to start your business and connect with your customers. When you sign up as an independent consultant with IDLife, you are sent a business starter kit to give you guidance on the best ways to announce your new business and make your first sales. You will also receive access to your own personal web page where you can advertise specials and send around links for your customers to sign up for their IDLife subscription. Many of the IDLife sales are done online, which is why it is important to make sure that your page stays fresh and updated as often as possible.

Selling IDLife does not have to be limited to gym rats or the people you meet at your fitness studio. IDLife products are for anyone who wants to sleep better, feel more energized throughout the day, feel less bloated, eliminate digestion problems and receive all of their required nutrients and vitamins each day. This is part of what makes selling IDLife so easy and lucrative. It has universal appeal and is a great way to introduce people to healthy eating habits who might otherwise not feel prepared to take control of their diet and exercise routines.

The trick to being as successful as possible as an IDLife consultant is to expand your network as quickly as possible. If you recruit other consultants to sell for IDLife, you will be able to earn a percentage of their sales. For people with leadership skills and an outgoing personality, it is easy to share the good news about these fantastic products with others. The bigger your IDLife sales team grows, the more residual commission you will be earning off of others’ sales. This makes your job even easier.

Insight into Logan Stout

Logan Stout has been extremely successful at taking the instincts and determination that made him a star baseball player to his business ventures. As the founder of IDLife, Stout speaks frequently about his products and has even connected with other celebrities to endorse his brand. In addition to his sales businesses, Stout also runs a prominent baseball organization to develop talented kids into successful college and professional players for MLB. He takes great pride in this unique and challenging venture because he cherishes the opportunity to help mentor and guide young players into outstanding athletes and gentlemen.

No matter how busy Logan Stout is with his businesses and baseball organization, he still finds the time to give back to his local community. Stout and his wife have been named as honorary chairs of the Boys and Girls Club of Collin County, Texas. They are generous donors to this charity and are always willing to speak on its behalf. Based on his own success as an athlete, business owner and philanthropist, Stout has been asked to speak as a motivational speaker on multiple occasions. He enjoys this role very much because he is a positive person who loves to share the recipe for his success. Stout’s energy and enthusiasm for life are contagious and inspiring for anyone he comes into contact with.