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Celebrating The Health Benefits And Versatility Of Tahini With Brandless



What Is Tahini?

Tahini, also called tahina, is ground up sesame seeds. You can get “raw tahini” made from raw sesame seeds but most tahini is made from lightly roasted sesame seeds. The grinding process turns the sesame seeds into an oily paste, similar to peanut butter. Tahini is bursting with flavor. It also coats the mouth nicely so the nutty flavor lingers nicely. A little tahini goes a long way in any dish.

Some people call tahini “sesame seed butter” but most people don’t. If tahini hasn’t been diluted with another oil, tahini is usually a little thicker and richer than ground peanuts. The Brandless version of tahini is 100 percent sesame seeds with no dilution and no additional ingredients except a little salt.

Where To Buy Tahini & How To Get the Best Tahini

The best place to buy tahini is Brandless. They offer a 10.6 oz jar of organic tahini for only three dollars. This is a steal! It costs at least double, usually triple or more, for the same amount of organic tahini at most places.

The best-tasting tahini will be made from a variety of sesame seeds that are naturally less bitter and contain more oil. The extra oil produces the smoothest tahini and the lower bitterness allows the nutty flavor to shine through more. Toasting the seeds before grinding them makes the nutty flavor more intense in much the same way as roasting coffee beans makes the flavors of the coffee bean more intense. Brandless’ tahini gets rave reviews in the flavor and texture department so they’re obviously using higher quality sesame seeds.

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The Health Benefits of Tahini

When eaten in moderation, tahini is one of the healthiest foods you can eat. Sesame seeds contain more protein than other seeds and more protein than nuts. One serving of Brandless’ tahini (two tablespoons) contains eight grams of protein, which is equal to the protein in about 1.25 eggs. Tahini is also high in fiber that can help you digest your food better and lose weight. Each serving of Brandless’ tahini contains four grams of fiber. Tahini is high enough in iron that it’s a good food choice for those who are anemic. It’s also high in calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, phosphorus, and manganese.

Tahini is known to help regulate hormones, especially in women in menopause. This makes a kale salad with tahini the perfect side or meal for this stage of life. The oil in sesame seeds is anti-bacterial so consuming tahini may help subdue chronic infections as well. The beta-sitosterol in tahini has been shown to lower cholesterol more than any other seed or nut. It’s a heart-healthy food choice as well if eaten in moderation (one serving a day).

How To Use Tahini

Tahini is one of the most versatile foods you can keep in your pantry (refrigerate after opening). Stir it into oatmeal to add protein and build a rich nutty taste. Stir tahini into vegetarian or meat-based soups to thicken them and enrich the flavor. Be sure to add the tahini at the last minute before serving because tahini should not be cooked long as the sesame oil is not stable at super high temperatures. For a simple and delicious dessert, try mixing tahini with maple syrup and spreading on toast.

You can also make creamy rich dipping sauces, spreads, and salad dressings from tahini that will be dairy-free and vegan. For the simplest of simple tahini sauces, simply stir in warm water to the desired consistency. You can also try adding smashed garlic, ginger, herbs, spices, coconut milk, yogurt, and a little sweetener. Experiment to develop your own personal tahini sauce recipes! Use these sauces to drizzle over food, add to noodles, eat with raw vegetables, elevate your deviled eggs, spread on toast, and pour over salads.

Tahini Recipes From Brandless

Beyond cost, another good reason to buy your tahini from Brandless is they offer some wonderful tahini recipes that are easy to follow. Here are some of their tahini recipes:
Classic Hummus Recipe – Always a hit!
Vegan Tahini Caesar Dressing – You can make lots of salad dressings with tahini!
Kale and Chickpea Salad – Tahini and Kale is a classic pairing!
Tahini Chocolate Rice Krispies – tahini in desserts equals yummy!
Chocolate Chip Tahini Zucchini Bread – A bit more ambitious recipe but well worth it!