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Chess.Com Now Accepts Bitcoin Cash After BCH Supporter Convinces Owner


The website Chess.com is now accepting Bitcoin Cash as a payment option for members of their site. The move reportedly came after a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) supporter convinced the Chess website owner to accept the cryptocurrency as a payment. Three different membership tiers will be available with the new payment option.

According to Bitcoin.com’s report, the moderator of a Reddit forum called r/btc was behind the convincing. The Chess.com website previously accepted Bitcoin as a payment option but dropped it. However, the popular website for Chess enthusiasts will now accept the Bitcoin Cash option for diamond, platinum, or gold memberships for the site.

As of this report, the Chess website indicates they have 27,323,155 members and there were over three million games played just today. The website also offers free articles including beginner tips, strategies, and more advanced theories to use for chess. The site offers free sign-up for new members and then allows for competitive play. As members decide to add more options for their account, they can upgrade their membership on the site.

Bitcoin Cash came about when a “hard fork” or “split” happened with Bitcoin on the blockchain. That hard fork occurred back in August 1, 2017, and resulted in the new cryptocurrency. It first traded around $240, with Bitcoin at around $2,700 on that date. In August 2018, BitPay, Coinify, and GoCoin were supporting Bitcoin Cash payments. A report published last month on CCN.com notes that there are over 900 retailers that now accept Bitcoin Cash as a payment option.

On Sunday (Mar. 3), Bitcoin Cash was trading at $129.74 over at the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange. It’s listed there as the No. 5 crypto asset based on a market cap of $2.3 billion. There have been plenty of supporters and detractors for this particular cryptocurrency, but with more mainstream sites allowing it as a payment option, it could gain more traction.