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China Slaps Trump With A $60 Billion Left Grab


Senator Adam Schiff isn’t afraid of Mr. Trump. Schiff told ABC News Trump doesn’t have a problem asking foreign governments for help in order to get elected again. Mr. Trump thinks Joe Biden helped his youngest son out with a Ukraine business directorship when he was vice president. Biden’s goal in Ukraine at that time was to help clean up the corruption not pull strings to help his son, according to the Washington Post.

Rudy Giuliani had a first-class seat on Ukraine Air. But someone in the White House told the penguinistic attorney to unpack his bags so he could continue to present stupid legal arguments to the public so Trump looks sane. Mr. Trump thought investigating Biden was a good idea because he could bring Biden’s son into the race just like the Democrats brought Don Jr. into the race.

Mr. Schiff told George Stephanopoulos Bill Barr might start to investigate Biden just like the FBI investigated him on the campaign trail in 2016. Mr. Trump wants to discredit Biden now that he is 33 points ahead in the polls. Schiff told George Bill Barr lacks integrity, and he obviously works for the president.

Iran is ready to rumble with Mr. Trump. Someone messed with two Saudi oil ships in the Persian Gulf, and according to the European News reports, Iran may be the culprit. The Saudi prince is a Trumpian, and he pals with secret agent Kushner. Kushner has a great Middle East peace plan on the deck of that missile-carrying war fleet his daddy-in-law has on standby. The Saudis give Trump a lot of business so he can ask them to do and say anything in order to start the rumble in the Middle East, according to European news reports.

It’s obvious. Trump doesn’t know how to negotiate with the Chinese. Mr. Trump wants China to give him a trade win. He might think he has them by the short hairs, but that’s Trump’s version. The Chinese own more than $1 trillion of America’s $22 trillion national debt. They could sell some or all of that debt, and Trump’s great economy would crumble like the Roman Empire.

But China won’t sell the American debt yet. The new plan is to put tariffs on $60 billion worth of U.S. products. And most of those products are agriculture products. China wants the farmers to know Trump doesn’t care if he hurts them as long as it looks like he wins.