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China Vows To Stop The Tariff Bleeding Using Cash Injections From Its Central Bank


Ruth Bader Ginsburg may be battling health issues, but that didn’t stop her from letting Trump’s lawyers know his lawsuit to stop Deutsche Bank and Capital One from releasing his financial records is on hold for seven days. All three of Trump’s lawsuits didn’t impress the lower courts. But Mr. Trump believes politics will trump the law, and the Supreme Court will rule in his favor.

Hearing Trump’s tax cases is a dangerous undertaking for the Supreme Court. If SCOTUS rules in Trump’s favor the noise about the Supreme Court justices being Trump pawns will get louder. A large group of lawmakers would like to change the way the Supreme Court operates. If Trump’s tax cases make the docket, they might damage the shaky credibility of the highest court in the land.

Mr. Trump likes to brag about putting conservative judges on benches across the country. The president believes conservative judges will always rule in favor of conservative causes. The notion that constitutional law is the foundation for court decisions doesn’t register with the Trumpster. His Narcissistic Personality Disorder prevents him from accepting any reality but his.

More than 350 psychiatrists claim Trump’s Narcissistic Personality Disorder is about to blow a fuse. The doctors claim the impeachment process could be the trigger that sets Trump on a dangerous decision-making path. The professionals think the Trumpster could try to derail the impeachment process by attacking North Korea or Iran. According to some reports, the Pentagon plans to send 14,000 troops to the Middle East, but military officials deny that claim.

Rudy Giuliani went back to Ukraine to continue his quest to turn up dirt on Joe Biden. Rudy met with several Ukraine officials with tainted records. President Zelensky stayed away from Rudy and so did Prosecutor Lutsenko. Even Trump ass-kisser Matt Gaetz had a hard time understanding what Giuliani’s wants to accomplish now that several Ukraine officials say the Biden’s did nothing wrong. But Joe did admit Hunter’s decision to work for a Ukraine gas company while he was VP was a stupid move.

China knows Trump likes to manipulate the stock market by claiming the trade agreement is almost a done deal. The Chinese told Trump he must rollback the tariffs if he wants a victory in the trade war. President Xi told China’s news agency he will stop the economic bleeding in China’s domestic markets using all the tools in his authoritative toolbox. That means the central bank will continue to inject cash into the Chinese economy in order to keep the country’s Gross Domestic Product growth in the 6.0 percent neighborhood while the trade war rages on.