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China Wants To Make A Deal But Trump Said It Has To Be A Big One


Now that the President officially declared war with Congress and the American people, consumers and investors aren’t sure what will happen next. This is the first time a president openly declared war on an impeachment inquiry. Mr. Trump told the press the inquiry is a sham, and Adam Schiff’s panel is a Kangaroo court.

Bill Barr’s Department of Justice will back Trump when Schiff and Pelosi reveal the evidence that could change the minds of more Trump voters. Fifty-eight percent of the voting public want Congress to investigate Trump’s mobster moves. And 49 percent of the voting public want to ship Trump back to New York.

But New York wants a piece of Mr. Trump too. Manhattan D.A. Cyrus Vance Jr. thinks Trump violated New York tax laws when Michael Cohen gave Stormy Daniels a big fat check to keep her quiet. A federal judge just gave Vance the go-ahead to demand 11 years of Trump’s tax returns from his accounting firm. Trump plans to appeal that decision.

Lindsey Graham wants Rudy Giuliani to explain his Ukraine debacle to his Senate Judiciary Committee. Rudy was Trump’s point man in Ukraine. Trump told Rick Perry and other government officials to follow Rudy’s instructions even though Rudy talks in a form of legal mumbo-jumbo that only he understands. Rudy’s mission is to destroy Biden’s chance to win the Democratic primary. Trump thinks he has a better chance of beating Liz Warren or the Bern.

Most Republicans stand behind Trump. If Trump goes down, McConnell, Graham, and other Trumpians will go down with him in 2020. Mike Pompeo decided he wants to annoy Schiff and Pelosi now that he knows Trump and Bill Barr will protect him. Barr decided his job as attorney general is to protect Trump no matter what he says or does. Barr thinks the president is above the law. Some DOJ aides say Barr hates Democrats and the government. That’s why he went to Italy. He wants to find dirt on the FBI and CIA.

China’s head trade negotiator Liu He will try to put a trade deal together that helps American farmers and Chinese importers do more business together. Liu He told the press China will buy 30 tons of soybeans instead of 20 tons if Trump agrees to sign. But Trump wants more out of China. He wants China to stop subsidizing Chinese corporations, but Mr. Liu told the press that won’t happen on this trip.