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The Chinese Let Trump Know If He Screws Them On Wall Street They Might Sell Their Treasury Notes


The president has his hands full now that Nancy Pelosi decided to come for him. Nancy is a master politician who knows how to work the cracks and faults within the government’s crumbling Trumpian walls. Trump is a shoot from the hip mobster who plays by gangland rules. But Bill Barr keeps him as clean as a sprayed-tan baby.

Pelosi told an Austin audience Trump used taxpayer money to strong-arm the president of Ukraine. And pushing a political favor in return for money already allocated for distribution in May is what’s known as asking a foreign government to interfere with a U.S. election. That violates the constitution. Acts like that are what the founding father’s wanted to protect when they added “high crimes and misdemeanors to issues that are impeachment worthy.

The impeachment inquiry will have an impact on consumer confidence. Consumers still haven’t felt the hard blow from Trump’s below-the-belt tariff punch when he went on a tariff binge. Economic growth at the end of the third quarter will reflect some of the economic damage Trump’s tariffs and sanctions put in play. He disrupted global supply chains and tore a hole in wholesale and retail, as well as logistic plans. The world is on the edge of a 2008-type economic landslide unless Trump drops the tariffs and has calm and reasonable meetings with the Chinese, according to MarketWatch.

Mitch, Lindsey, and the rest of the Trumpians say the whistleblower is full of extra excrement. The Republicans know Trump crossed the line, and the only way to save themselves in 2020 is to stick with the Trumpster until he’s up to his neck in Pelosi’s swamp water. But some Republicans know a non-guilty verdict in the Senate may be possible if 20 of the 35 senators who would find Trump guilty in private would say it publicly.

Mr. Trump wanted to stir the Chinese trade pot before China comes back to Washington for another fruitless trade meeting. Trump’s people let the press know he might throw Chinese companies off the New York Stock Exchange. That was Trump’s way of telling the Chinese a major financial debacle is in their future unless they sign his deal.

Chinese Foreign Minister Geng Shuang let Trump know a move like that would create an international economic mess that could take years to clean up. Mr. Geng told the press China wants to sign a trade agreement, but if Trump did block Chinese companies, China has ways to hurt America’s economy. They could sell U.S. Treasury notes faster.