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Chrysler Pacifica Owners Complain about Sudden Shutdown


Sid Patel suffered the greatest scare of his life while the minivan that he was driving suddenly shut off on a busy highway. He was driving the new Chrysler Pacifica minivan in San Francisco. To make the situation more interesting, he was doing a speed of 70 miles per hour. The physician who works at Menlo Park in California said that the engine just died. He said that there was no power steering, which had been caused by a cut of electrical power. He was forced to get to the edge of the road as other cars whizzed by. He remembers how he was missed by inches by an oncoming semi-truck. What he came to realize months later is that he was not alone in this experience. He found out that in 2017 alone, around 50 complaints have been filed with the federal safety regulators. All these complaints involved Pacifica owners. While others didn’t file the complaints, they talked about their experiences on social media forums that were dedicated to Pacifica talks only. The number of complaints kept rising. Since the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles released this model, it has sold nearly 156,000 Pacificas in the last two years. The good thing about the situation is that no injury or fatality has been recorded since the malfunction began.

However, the company has become subjected to mounting pressure to find out the cause of the malfunction. Some experts say that there is a serious safety defect that is causing the malfunction. Some Pacificas owners have said that they are afraid of driving the vehicle as it might malfunction at any moment putting their lives in danger. This has led to one owner promising a lawsuit against the company. The owner has been identified as Adam Cohen, and he is from Leesburg Virginia. At the same time, he will be joined by an advocacy group known as Center for Auto Safety. He further said that the lawsuit would be filed today with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. He said that from his knowledge of technological devices, there is the need of identifying the root of the problem. While that might not be clear at the moment, he said that he is sure that there is a problem. The company, on the other hand, said that it had received the complaints. Through their spokesman, they said that they would look into the issues. The spokesman said that they were not aware of any injuries.