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Coinbase Has Launched Crypto Visa Debit Card in the United Kingdom


Coinbase is a prominent digital currency exchange that brokers exchange such as Bitcoin Cash has launched its Visa debit card that allows clients in the United Kingdom to spend their cryptocurrencies from Coinbase accounts. The firm announced the new service in a blog stating that with their new Coinbase Card, clients can spend their bitcoin and litecoin as effortlessly as their funds in their bank accounts. The company also added that it would immediately convert its cryptocurrency to fiat like the British pound. The new card will support crypto assets available in buying and selling on the platform. Customers can also use them as a payment method.

Coinbase said that with the initially used products of the same type, customers have had to preload a certain amount of cryptocurrency onto a card to be in a position to spend. The new exchange program has also launched an app used on Android as well as iOS platforms. These enable customers to select the preferred cryptocurrency wallet they will use in funding their spending. The app provides instant receipts and transaction summaries including spending categories. PaySafe is the card issuer.

Last month, banking startup 2gether added that it would create a Visa debit card that would allow its users to utilize their cryptocurrencies. As such, customers will be in a position to pay for services and products with the following cryptocurrencies:


The new card may also be used by clients in various locations across the world. Customers can make payments via Chip as well as PIN. They can also make withdrawals from ATMs. When clients make use of their Coinbase Cards, the crypto will be transformed into a fiat currency which can be used to finalize the purchase. Coinbase Card app will assist clients in selecting their crypto wallets in order to fund their spending. Once linked, the customer’s crypto balance will be available for use via the virtual card as well as their contactless Coinbase Card.