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Contour Design’s Workstation Takes Off thanks to NewsWatch TV Reviews

Contour Designs decided to call in the experts at NewsWatch TV  Reviews to provide extra exposure and boost sales.


Contour Design is a leading company in the production of ergonomic products that help keep people injury-free while they’re toiling away or playing on their computers, and when it was time to unveil their product, the Ultimate Workstation, and begin marketing it, the company decided to call in the experts at NewsWatch TV Reviews to provide extra exposure and boost sales.

With a wide-reaching online and television presence, NewsWatch has become widely utilized by companies who are looking for results, whether it comes to fundraising or increasing their sales.

With a product that could keep a lot of people injury free in this increasingly online world, Contour Design needed to get the word out about how their revolutionary product could help people’s health. That meant getting information to employers who would have an interest in protecting the health of their workers. To do so, they hired NewsWatch to film and produce a one-minute review on the product they were introducing – the Ultimate Workstation.

A Collaborative Effort

Working together with Contour Design on the script and editing, NewsWatch showed how this product could help workers everywhere by using Contour Design products in workplace settings for the video. The video was made more compelling by the addition of graphics and narration.

The end result was an interesting segment that was able to attract and hold the attention of the audience. It was offered in more than 200 U.S. markets and was accessible in more than 95 million households. In addition to that, the segment had 697,924 impressions online.

Contour Design was happy with the video as well as the results it produced. The one-minute video led to a huge increase in sales of the Ultimate Workstation. Bret Hudson, Product Marketing Manager for Contour Design, said the company was extremely pleased with the segment and how sales of the Ultimate Workstation had increased after the segment was aired.

Why Companies Want to Work with NewsWatch

NewsWatch first aired in 1989, and it continues to be a relevant, driving force, even in today’s fast-paced digital world. It has logged more than 1,000 episodes since the program launched. During that time, NewsWatch has helped many businesses spread the word about their products through the magic of their one-minute video segments.

While NewsWatch’s main office is in Washington D.C., it also keeps offices in Virginia, Colorado, and New York. The show has more than the accolades of the businesses it has helped though – it’s won awards, including the prestigious MarCom Award and a Silver Telly Award. Adding to its trophy case isn’t the reason NewsWatch continues to pursue excellence, but it’s a good indication of the respect it has managed to earn from its peers in the industry.

Viewers have learned to trust NewsWatch’s reputation when it comes to shining the spotlight on products that can have real-life impact for them. NewsWatch doesn’t just show off a product – it digs deeper to show what solutions that products can offer its users.

NewsWatch TV Reviews

NewsWatch is hosted by Andrew Tropeano, and has a great team of special contributors, including Mitchell Cole, Joe Toohey, Susan Bridges, and Amanda Forstrom. With their no-nonsense approach, this team can help people determine if a product will bring value by highlighting what they can do and how those applications can improve their lives. That’s why companies such as Toyota, Suave, Dewars Whiskey, and Ford, have all wanted to appear on NewsWatch. They’ve seen the results of what NewsWatch affiliations can do for companies and how they can spark an interest in a particular product.

In addition to businesses and corporations, NewsWatch TV also draws in celebrity guests who want to increase their exposure by being on the show. Celebrities such as Dr. Oz, Chris Pratt, and Carrie Underwood have all appeared on NewsWatch.

To keep up with changing times and people who are constantly on the go and need products that help them with that nomadic lifestyle, NewsWatch tacked on an AppWatch segment in 2012. It features both upcoming and more established mobile apps that work for a variety of brands of devices.

Whether a viewer is interested in technology, medical breakthroughs and updates, entertainment, travel, or issues facing businesses, NewsWatch can keep them informed and often ahead of the curve. It manages to stay relevant year after year in a rapidly-changing and often fickle industry.

Not content to merely rule the television world with its platforms on Ion Network, DirecTV, Dish Network, and the AMC Network, NewsWatch has also been growing its online presence, which gives it another vehicle to reach people who might not be too fond of traditional television watching. Its YouTube channel is a force to be reckoned with in its own right, with in excess of four million views since it was first launched in 2012. It enjoys an enviable social media presence and also has a Vimeo channel.

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