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Crave Beauty Academy Offers Well Rounded Education in the Beauty Industry


Crave Beauty Academy is a refined educational system that allows students to pursue a career in hair, skin, and nail services. The school’s name, crave, uniquely stands for the programs that they have developed and how they teach their art forms. The letters in crave each stand for their foundation. C is for the cultural environment where they encourage students to enjoy themselves but put in complete effort. R stands for relationships, which all the staff members work on building with each student that passes through their doors. A is achievement, and the pinnacle to everyone’s success. V is value-driven models. Finally, E is for education that is based on entrepreneurial training, learning to market, how to operate a salon, and how to have personal growth along the way.

Some of the platforms Crave Beauty Academy offers are cosmetology. Cosmetology requires 1500 hours of work, but it will all be worth it. The skills people have once they leave the cosmetology program are hair design and cutting techniques, proper business management, and skin and makeup treatments. If you are interested in specializing in men’s cuts and crew cuts, Crave Beauty Academy offers an expansion course on barbering. At that level, you will learn clipper techniques as well as beard grooming and trimmings.

There are esthetics classes, which focus on spa treatment skills. The basis is inner wellness, physical balance, and exterior treatments. Some of the skills you will leave with are the ability to analyze skin types and recognize various skin conditions. Individuals will know how to give facial treatments and massages. Some of the advanced techniques taught are microdermabrasion, hair removing procedures, and giving facials using mechanical equipment.

The manicure and pedicure business is highly specialized. Crave Beauty Academy offers classes in nail health and treatments. Students can learn how to create artistic works of art at the same time they learn how to operate a successful nail salon company.

Crave Beauty Academy prides itself on its core values and foundation, which is to offer each student the ability to be a successful business operator. The skills they need in hair treatment, spa procedures, or working in specialties, such as men’s crew cuts, will be provided. Students can learn everything they need to be a success in the beauty industry no matter avenue they choose to pursue.

Crave Beauty Academy is located in Wichita Kansas and Ballwin Missouri. They are recognized by the Small Business Association and the Chamber of Commerce.