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Crisis in Italy Causes Stocks to Fall


Problems in Italy

Many bank stocks have fallen rapidly in recent days. One of the biggest news stories is a new financial crisis in Italy. Italy has a declining population and rising levels of debt. Some global banks are unwilling to lend money to Italy. As bond rates rise on Italian debt, the financial problems will only get worse.

Some Italian citizens are moving to neighboring countries in search of more economic opportunities. Although the tourism industry is active in Italy, many other sectors are struggling.

Bank Stocks

When news came out about another Italian financial crisis, bank stocks around the world declined. Many banks hold Italian debt. If Italy has trouble making debt payments, the profitability of the banks will fall.

An Italian debt crisis could also trigger other issues throughout Europe. This same scenario happened in 2011. Italy and Spain were consistently in the news due to debt issues. The European Union eventually bailed out both nations. It appears that Italy will need additional financial help to survive.

Aging Population

One of the most significant causes of the financial crisis in Italy is the aging population. Many young people in Italy move to other nations. As the population declines, there are not as many people working and paying taxes. With the population aging quickly, more people need government medical assistance.

Buying Declining Stocks

Many of the world’s largest bank stocks declined by several percent due to the recent crisis. Some people believe that now is a great time to invest in some of these stocks. With rising interest rates, banks should earn a higher return on money that is lent to customers.

Although the Italian debt crisis is not simple to solve, most economic experts are confident that the European Union will come up with a short-term solution to enact fiscal changes in Italy.