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Cryptocurrency Debit Cards Are Increasing Usability


It’s safe to say that cryptocurrencies are still not as used or well-known as the US dollar or British pound. It’s the early adopters who are trading these digital coins and using them for transactions. However, that may change due to the growth and popularity of debit cards that use crypto-based coins.

Increased Usability

When you use your debit card, it links to your bank account and pays for a transaction via the cash that you are currently holding. A crypto debit card works in the same fashion, but instead of linking to a financial institution, it pays for your transactions with virtual coins that are stored in your digital wallet.

One of the more popular crypto debit cards that is currently being used is the Centra Card. It allows you to connect to your digital wallet and spend Zcash, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum or Bitcoin, and you are able to use this card in a mainstream retail environment.

Volatility and Regulations

While this is a step towards the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, there are still a number of hurdles that need to be addressed. One hurdle is the concern over the price volatility of several different cryptocurrencies. It’s typical for these virtual coins to gain or lose 10 to 20 percent of their value in a single day. You’ll never find that type of fluctuation in currencies like the dollar, yen or pound.

Government regulation will also need to step in to ensure that consumers are protected. Currently, it’s the responsibility of the owner of the digital wallet to provide safeguards for security.


There are many reasons why crypto debit cards are a good idea. It’s convenient for travelers to easily convert their coins into other types of currencies. This can be beneficial for a traveler who is traveling in a country that has a currency with poor value. A traveler could convert their coins into a stronger currency and not lose any purchasing power.