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Could Cryptocurrency Mining Heat Your Home?


Cryptocurrency mining has become a booming business for some, but is not quite as lucrative for others. One of the biggest pitfalls of cryptocurrency mining is the massive amount of heat that CPU’s generate when processing blockchain transactions. Not only do the CPU’s drain a tremendous amount of energy themselves, but their internal fans are generally in overdrive as well, which means the CPU’s have to be kept cool, as does the room they are kept in. This generally means that in many cases energy costs alone far outweigh any income derived from mining cryptocurrency, particularly in warm areas where it is a struggle to keep anything cool, let alone a bank of devices generating their own heat. Conversely, however, the heat from CPU’s can actually be a benefit in cold climate areas where the heat is welcomed.

Understanding this conundrum, one company has created the first heater that transforms the heat generated by CPU’s into a mini furnace you can use to heat your home. As great as it may sound, there are some pitfalls however. The first is the massive $3,600 price tag. While the unit does work to both heat your home and mine cryptocurrency at the same time, there is some question as to whether the initial upfront cost will ever pay for itself over the long haul. Particularly with the somewhat uncertain and murky future of cryptocurrencies.

In addition, although it packs some serious processing power, boasting twin AMD Radeon RX 580’s, it doesn’t come with a hard drive or operating system. That means that if ever there comes a time when mining cryptocurrency is no longer lucrative – or you no longer need the heat that it generates – it cannot be converted for other purposes. This means you are essentially stuck with a $3,600 paperweight. You also can’t harness that processing power for anything else, either, such as gaming or even just checking your e-mail.

Considering that CPU’s already generate a tremendous amount of heat all on their own, you’d probably be far better off just investing in a high-end PC with a similar graphics package and set it up to mine cryptocurrency on your own. That way, you can not only use it for several purposes other than just mining cryptocurrency, but if mining cryptocurrency ever stops being lucrative, you’re not left with just a useless but extremely expensive paperweight.