Cynthia Grossman Is Inspiring Women All Over The World Who Have Needed A Role Model Just Like Her


    Cynthia Grossman is a hardworking businesswoman who has been working with Biogen for over a decade and a half. She has been mainly focused on helping patients who need new therapies and more access to them. During the earlier part of the 1980s, she became a member of Grupo Continental’s board of directors. This was quite an accomplishment as the business culture that was predominant during those times was one that was focused on men.

    Burt Grossman, the father of Cynthia Grossman, is the founder of Grupo Continental, and he was able to grow the company into something noteworthy during his lifetime. The company has been offering quality soft drinks in Mexico for many years. When Cynthia’s father passed away, her brother and herself took over the company. She has continued to work very hard for everything she has in her life since then. Grossman is now widely known for her success in a male dominated industry where men have been the ones in power for many years.

    Cynthia Grossman is now serving as a role model for girls and women all around the world. Today, Grupo is worth billions of dollars, and on top of creating more revenue for her company, she is continuing to fight against outdated stereotypes in her industry. She has created many different programs that function to help level the playing field out for women in the workplace. Her hard work has helped many women who have simply been wanting the chance to be seen as equals in the business world.

    Cynthia Grossman is also an inspirational public speaker who has made many different appearances. Her experiences and knowledge as successful woman entrepreneur has allowed her to help many women by sharing her story. In male dominated business sectors, it can be hard for women to feel like they have a chance to advance on the corporate ladder. Grossman has motivated many of these ambitious women to give it their all and to do their best to become a part of the solution. She has also helped the companies she serves with because of her innovation and creative way of looking at problems.

    Cynthia Grossman is now serving with Arca Continental as its director. Arca is a result of a merger that took place between Emotelladoras Arca and Grupo Continental just under a decade ago. The company is now of the top snack and beverage companies in the world, and Grossman is responsible for a lot of its success. Arca does business in a variety of countries including Mexico, the USA, and Ecuador.

    Cynthia Grossman studied at Earlham College and earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology while there. She went on to attend the University of Vermont where she received her Doctor of Philosophy in clinical psychology. Grossman also earned her Doctor of Philosophy while studying at The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. Before serving in her current positions, she also worked with the National Institutes of Health as a health scientist administrator.