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Dallas Reserve Bank President Thinks Economic Growth Will Take A Hit This Year


The Ben Netanyahu trial on March 17th could end Netanyahu’s political career, unless he wins the March 2nd vote, and is able to form a government. Mr. Netanyahu came to Washington to meet with Mr. Trump a couple of weeks ago to go over the Middle East peace plan Jared Kushner helped put together.

Trump’s peace plan doesn’t have Palestinian support, and will never get it based on the terms of the plan. Netanyahu and Kushner want the Palestinians to meet certain demands before they can form a state. Palestine’s president told the press he won’t sign the plan no matter how much pressure Trump puts on his country. The EU and the UN think the plan will never work. A UN spokesman said a plan that doesn’t include the support of Palestine is not a peace plan.

The president told the press he’s the top law enforcement person in the country, so it’s only right to interfere with the Department of Justice and the judicial system. Since the Senate acquitted the president, he made sure he would make the people he thinks responsible for his impeachment feel his revenge. Mr. Trump continues to rid the White House of his enemies, and he continues to test the patience of Congress.

Mr. Trump told White House officials interfering with DOJ decisions is a good reelection move. He thinks his voter base will applaud his attempt to get rid of his enemies while supporting the people who show complete loyalty. The president made his position clear when he pardoned several high-profile Trump donors in a pardon-feast that gave the Democrats heartburn.

Dallas Federal Reserve President Robert Kaplan told the press the Feds won’t cut interest rates in 2020. Kaplan also said economic growth in 2020 won’t be as strong as it was in 2019 for several reasons. One reason is the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus. If China’s manufacturing sector doesn’t get back in the swing of things soon, the U.S. economy could take a ½% hit by the end of March.

Huawei lost the lawsuit that claimed Trump’s blacklist decision violated human rights. Mr. Trump wants to stop Huawei from dominating the world’s 5G networks. Several countries plan to stay away from Huawei, but France may sign a contract like the one the UK signed. Boris Johnson took a phone-beating from Trump for giving Huawei business, according to the New York Times.