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Daniel Mark Harrison Continues to Innovate with Monkey Capital


For over a century, economists and finance professionals have known that innovation and well-structured markets are the key to long-term prosperity. Historians proved this numerous times throughout history. In fact, some of the darkest times in history were periods when humans were restricted from sharing their ideas and products with the world.

Innovation and Competition

Fortunately, many leaders of the modern world understand that new technologies are valuable. Often created by startups, new ideas and technologies challenge the existing firms in the market. These established firms must create a competitive substitute for the new products, or they will be displaced. Without the regulatory arm of government to deal with, these companies must fight for consumers on the grounds of price, quality, or quantity.

However, this ideal situation of healthy competition is not possible when modern governments enter the equation. Today, the regulators of governments are often captured by corporations. According to Ralph Nader, the creator of capture theory, regulators are captured by corporations that offer legal bribes via future employment. Alternatively, corporations use their revenue to change laws via lobbying efforts. Both of these situations result in companies convincing the government to impose restrictions on competitors. This stifles innovation.

Through lobbying and capturing, corporations do not need to compete with other firms via price, quantity, or quality. This erects barriers to entry, and corporations can eventually become stagnant monopolies. Consumers are harmed in this scenario of corporatism. Despite this gloomy situation, many innovators across the globe are disrupting markets with products that break away from the status quo.

One of the most popular disruptive innovators of the 21st century is Jeff Bezos. Jeff Bezos is a titan of American industry. He is the CEO and founder of Amazon, the “everything store”. He started in the early 2000s with the simple goal to sell the books in his store to a large market by using the Internet. Over time, he realized that he could multiply his revenue by selling a diverse selection of goods. Each year, Jeff Bezos continues to expand his company by selling more kinds of goods and services. Some economists predict that Amazon will eventually become a natural monopoly.

Elon Musk is another household name in many parts of the world. Musk is an ambitious entrepreneur and investor from South Africa. He has numerous technology companies, and he envisions a human colony on Mars. He has recently disrupted the market by perfecting reusable rockets for his spaceships.

While Bezos and Musk have captivated the world with their impressive innovations, the world also benefits from less popular individuals. The founders of small startups regularly challenge Microsoft and Google with new software. These small technology companies are impressive, and they are the key to continued economic progress. The world benefits from their unrestricted success. One of the leading innovators in the world of startups is Daniel Mark Harrison.

Predicting Growth to Acquire Success

Daniel Mark Harrison is one of the brightest innovators in the United States. As a technologist, Harrison stays informed about the progress of key technologies in various industries. He regularly observes the finance, technology, and energy industries across the globe. With this information, Daniel Mark Harrison makes clever decisions about investments. This allows Harrison to accumulate a great amount of wealth in a short period of time. With this money, Daniel Mark Harrison launched his own business. He is also a managing partner of Monkey Capital.

Monkey Capital is a hedge fund, but it is unlike any other investing firms in the finance world. While the hedge funds of George Soros and other big names rely on the traditional investment banking industry to deal with transactions, Monkey Capital takes advantage of recent technological breakthroughs. Monkey Capital uses Blockchain systems to provide decentralized investment services to people across the globe. All transactions deal with cryptocurrency assets.

Monkey Capital and Blockchain

The cryptocurrency that is circulated via Blockchain has become popular across the globe in recent years. While cryptocurrency is criticized for its volatility in the West, many people in unstable areas of the globe benefit from its decentralized nature. Monkey Capital is hoping to benefit from the high demand for cryptocurrency in the coming years.

Daniel Mark Harrison appreciates the secure features offered by Blockchain systems. The system is fairly complex, but it allows people to anonymously make transactions to any entity with an Internet connection. First, a person makes a transaction request with Blockchain software. A peer-to-peer network of node computers receives this request. Each node on the system confirms or denies the request with a preset algorithm. After the transaction is validated by the network, the transaction occurs. Finally, the transaction is added to an existing Blockchain.

The Blockchain systems used by Monkey Capital have numerous benefits. The most obvious benefit of the technology is decentralization. Since no entity can control the entire Blockchain, hacking, financial manipulation, and other risks are impossible. Harrison recognizes these benefits. He believes that the demand for this safety will attract investors to his hedge fund.

Monkey Capital Launches its ICO

In August, Daniel Mark Harrison and his fellow managers will launch Monkey Capital’s ICO. An ICO, or initial coin offering, is a unique term that was recently introduced to finance professionals. It is similar to an IPO, or initial public offering. When an ICO is released, investors can use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to purchase shares in the company. Investors who purchase shares in Monkey Capital will receive digital certificates of ownership on the Blockchain.

As a hedge fund, Monkey Capital uses cryptocurrencies to invest in a variety of assets. In the past, they have used funds to invest in SpaceX, hostile takeovers, and Blockchain systems. Daniel Mark Harrison also plans to use the innovative hedge fund to purchase supply contracts and other ledgers on Blockchain systems.

The trade options that are handled by Monkey Capital are processed via the Waves Decentralized Exchange. Also known as DEX, the Decentralized Exchange is a program that allows people to use Blockchain systems. This allows users to trade crypto-tokens for digital shares and other assets.

As an innovator, Daniel Mark Harrison and his hedge fund focus on investments that can improve the lives of people across the globe. He is concerned with a variety of major issues, including pollution, cybersecurity, and exploitation. Daniel Mark Harrison will use his funds to invest in companies that address the world’s most pressing challenges. He believes that he can help dedicated companies like Tesla Energy with his Blockchain-based firm.

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