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How Digital River’s Services Helped Improve the e-Commerce Industry

Digital River
Digital River

The e-commerce industry is endlessly expanding and it might only be a matter of years before all our transactions are handled through online portals. This change isn’t exactly a bad thing as going from physical to digital does have its perks. Thanks to the likes of Digital River, that transition is going smoother than ever.

Digital River is one of the early movers into the e-commerce industry. Since being founded in 1994, the company has processed over $30 billion in online transactions. We can easily say that it helped launched the industry with the help of other companies like PayPal, Alibaba, Amazon and more. It has also acquired the trust of several big brands that are part of its clientele. These include Take-Two Interactive, Kaspersky Lab, Cisco, WebEx, Microsoft, and Adobe just to name a few.

As one of the pioneers in the industry, the company has helped countless brands take their transactions online and it’s because of these services.

Digital Rivere-commerce
How Digital River Helped Improve e-commerce

Streamlined Monetization

The company’s bread and butter according to some is its ability to make monetization and billing easier for its clients. Transactions within the digital cyberspace could pile up without the company noticing. For its part, Digital River tries to organize all the necessary data so that its clients are able to make billing and monetization more secure.

For instance, the company provides support for paid subscription models. In fact, it is one of its unique assets. This service allows the company’s clients to create better relationships with their most loyal customers. The SaaS provider offers useful features such as recurring billing plans and pro-tiered subscription. Both of which are made to improve the subscription model from the business and the customer’s end.

Global Commerce Made Easier

Back in the days, retailers both online and physical are limited to making transactions with those in proximity. However, the advent of e-commerce has made global commerce easier to handle. One doesn’t have to be a mega-corporation to handle orders from beyond their country’s borders. All they need is to let Digital River create multi-locale management systems for their clients.

Logistics And Fulfillment Reports

Online retailers have a lot to do when it comes to handling their inventories. This is where logistics come into play as it provides retailers with the proper details they need. With Digital River’s logistics and fulfillment reports, retailers are able to easily avoid emergency situations that could jeopardize their brand.

Microtransactions And In-App Payments

A lot of smartphone apps thrive on microtransactions. Ever since apps rose to popularity, Digital River began to provide an easier way to handle in-app transactions between users and developers. Thanks to this neat service, the developers behind some games and apps are able to easily monetize their work.

These are just some of the features we can expect from the company. At its very core, Digital River is dedicated to creating a healthy ecosystem between businesses and consumers in the e-commerce space. This will only help make the transition from physical to digital a lot easier.

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