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The Dollar Gets Stronger As Trump Tariff Screws The World


Tiffany Trump didn’t jump into her daddy’s swamp after his personal assistant told reporters he thought she looked fat. Madeleine Westerhout gave Tiffany a chance to show she’s not all Trump in terms of mobster DNA.

Mr. Trump had to fire Westerhout. Other aides would like to drop a dime on Trump too, but he made them all sign non-disclosure agreement. Tiffany found a Rumi poem to show dad where her head is at these days. Rumi is the “Whirling Dervish” the Turks talk about. Rumi was born in Afghanistan, the place Trump wants to forget, and he grew up in Turkey, a country Trump will like to develop, according to the Washington Post.

France wants to give Iran a $15 billion line of credit so Iran can get paid in cash when it ships oil while Trump’s sanctions are in place. President Macron told Mr. Trump the members of the Iran nuclear deal won’t let him blow up Iran just to get back at Obama, according to European news reports.

Some of those reports claim Trump has warships in the Persian Gulf to keep Iran at bay while Netanyahu takes the West Bank over. Ben and Trump along with Kushner have plans to build a Trump City on the West Bank. A military presence in that part of the world shows Trump has no problem using the government to help build his Middle Eastern real estate empire.

Consumers have recession nightmares thanks to Trump’s tariffs. Mr. Trump promised he would make the Chinese pay for screwing American farmers. But as it turns out, Trump is the one boning the farmers. American farmers lost China, their biggest international customer. So Trump put the corn-buying squeeze on his golfing pal, Prime Minister Abe. But Japanese officials say the country doesn’t need more corn from the United States. But if Abe doesn’t buy the corn, Trump said he would put a 25 percent tariff on Japanese autos and trucks.

The dollar hit a 2-year high thanks to Trump’s new tariffs. European and Japanese central banks now sell government bonds with negative yields. Trump thinks that’s a good idea, according to CNBC.

Mr. Trump keeps trying to get Jay Powell’s attention. The Trumpster called Powell an enemy of the state. But Powell might have the last word when he holds a press conference before the September Federal Reserve Board meeting.