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Don Jr. Thinks Theresa May Made A Big Mistake Not Listening To His Dad’s Advice


Brexit is somewhere between the moon and New York City when it comes to nailing down an agreement both sides can live with. The EU thinks the British Parliament is a bunch of ignorant losers. And the British Parliament thinks the EU wants to take advantage of them due to the backdrop clause in the agreement.

The Brexit story is one for the record books. Brits want to leave the group to get away from the rules that restrict them, according to the people who voted to leave the EU.

Having open borders is great for traveling around Europe, but when immigrants from other countries arrive in the U.K. looking for work, they get the jobs because they work for less. And supporting the EU is a senseless task, according to most Brits. Countries like Greece and Italy spend money they don’t have, and the European Union bails them out when they fall apart economically and socially. The U.K. pays a big chunk of those bailouts.

Some Brits want to vote again. The Russians played a role in the first Brexit vote. The vote to leave was a nail bitter, but thanks to the 2016 Russia hackers, Britain will leave the EU, but it won’t be on March 29th. That was the original departure date. Prime Minister Theresa May asked the EU to extend the exit date to June 30th.

But that date may not work for some EU members if it means Britain will vote in the upcoming EU elections. May believes Britain can avoid voting in that election, but that’s a debatable point as well.

EU President Jean-Claude Juncker told the press Brexit has to be in the books by May 23rd. If that doesn’t work for the U.K., Brits may have to wait until the end of 2019 or longer to leave the group.

Brexit is a nightmare. But that doesn’t matter to Trump’s son Don Jr., according to a Brexit report from The Hill. Don Jr. blames the elites in Brussels and London for the Brexit debacle. He also thinks Theresa May made a huge mistake when his dad told May to sue the EU in order to get better terms. May told Trump to butt out.

Don Jr. and his sister Ivanka are political savants now that Trump holds the presidential cards. The Trump family wants to build a political dynasty, according to the Washington Post. Ivanka has her sights set on being president, and her husband Jared wants to win the Nobel Peace Prize for establishing peace in the Middle East. Don Jr. just wants to be his father’s dumb-ass son.