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Doug Naidus: Founder And CEO Of World Business Lenders, LLC


Doug Naidus is the brain behind the founding of WBL, World Business Company. WBL is a Small and Medium Enterprise that was established in 2011. He is also the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of the Company.

Born in Queens, Doug Naidus was brought up in Huntington, New York. He pursued his studies at Syracuse University, where he attained a Bachelor of Science Degree. He currently lives in New Jersey with his wife and three children.

Before the establishment and serving at World Business Lenders, Doug Naidus had initially established a mortgage brokerage company by the name IPI Skyscraper in 1988. Through his vast experience and expertise in leadership, he grew the company from scratch to one of the distinguished mortgage brokers in the United States. In 1999, he launched another company by the name MortgageIT, a nationwide residential mortgage lending company, and a real estate investment trust. Doug serves as the Chairman and CEO of the company. It attained the incredible success that saw it through the 2004 NYSE, New York Stock Exchange listing. It had also financed residential mortgage loans worth 33 billion Us Dollars.

Deutsche Bank later acquired MortgageIT in 2007. After the acquisition, Doug Naidus was appointed to serve as the Global Head of Residential Lending, Trading, as well as the Managing Director at Deutsche Bank, where he served from 2007 to 2011. His primary role was to trade business to the global scale and direct residential real estate lending. From 2007 to 2009, he successfully worked towards moving the worldwide disruption of credit. He also managed to grow and develop the presence of Deutsche Bank in retail across the leading international markets like the United Kingdom, Turkey, a couple of Latin American states, the UAE(United Arab Emirates), and Saudi Arabia. To accomplish these goals, he worked smoothly with the banks’ authorities.

Doug Naidus finally established the current company, World Business Lenders. It was after his term of service at Deutsche Bank in senior positions as well as positive endeavors. His background comprises trading distributing, focusing on structuring, managing, and developing financial products on the retail and secondary market. Doug has spent over 28 years in risk management with vast experience in growing business in the world of financial services that he attained before the establishment of World Business Lenders.

Doug Naidus was recently asked to explain why his unregulated lending company was in the move to start legislation that would lead to regulation. In response, Naidus stated that WBL mainly works to establish small businesses that would earn high-interest loans. Besides, WBL has started to develop an interest in minority communities. The main reason they want regulation since this form of financial help may have a poor reputation.

Since 2017, most of the World Business Lenders’ employees hail from New Jersey. Most of these employees are graduates of community colleges that WBL offers to sponsor training programs. Working with New Jersey will help WBL to be ever-ready in protecting those who own small businesses and increase the accessibility of more capital for all communities of color.