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Economy Adds 312,000 Jobs in December


The unemployment rate is one of the most critical metrics for the economy. Job growth has slowed in recent months. Some economists believe that a slowdown in job growth could signal a recession is looming. However, the employment numbers for December were released last week. In the release, it was reported that the economy added over 312,000 jobs. This number was much higher than most business leaders were expecting. As a result, the stock market drastically increased in value.

Job Growth

Specific industries have a shortage of workers. In many states, the government pays people to move and take a job in specific industries. These incentives are an excellent way to attract young workers.

There is also a chronic shortage of nurses and teachers in many areas. The latest labor reports indicate that this shortage will continue for the foreseeable future. Many young people feel like the compensation is inadequate for these positions. Until these positions pay a higher salary, substantial job shortages will continue.


Although the unemployment rate is at the lowest point in many years, wage growth is slower than many people think it should be. There are multiple reasons for sluggish wage growth. Most of the jobs created in recent years have been in industries with low pay. Until companies feel compelled to raise wages, most people expect that salaries will remain low for most people.

Tax Cuts

President Trump signed new tax cuts into law last year. After the tax cuts were passed, many business leaders promised to hire additional workers. However, it appears that few companies added positions as a result of the tax cuts. Some people think the tax cuts could get repealed in the future.

Although most people are excited about the latest jobs numbers, some economists are warning that other economic problems could persist. Until wages increase, many people will still endure financial issues.