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Eleven Year Old Writes A Book About Bitcoin


There is a new book out about Bitcoin, and it has been written by someone who is just eleven years old. Andrew Courey is your typical eleven year old in that he likes to spend time with friends and play sports like soccer in his free time. However, he is different from some other kids in that he has written a book about Bitcoin and how even children can start to learn about it and hopefully better understand it says CNBC.

The book is self-published on Amazon for a price of just $2.99 for the e-book copy, and $9.99 for the paper version. Courey himself is the son of a technology investor. It is not as surprising then that he has gravitated towards doing something very interesting related to technology and business even in these early years of his life. He has always been drawn to technology and playing around with it to get it to work as best as possible.

He is looking at some business plans to help him accomplish a very high bar goal that he has set for himself to earn twenty million dollars by age fourteen. If he were able to do that, he could literally retire for the rest of his life to focus on whatever hobbies or other things he wanted to do.

The young man definitely has a lot of ambition in his life. He wants to earn that level of money to allow himself to drop out of school has well. It is according to an agreement that he has with his parents that he could actually do this if he were to reach the milestone number of twenty million dollars by age fourteen. The parents say at that point that they would allow him to drop out of school according to their agreement.

Courey is definitely an interesting person at just the age of eleven. It is pretty easy to see that almost no matter what he does going forward, he will accomplish great things. The idea that he might be able to retire from working at just the age of fourteen is something that is sure to make some people more than a little jealous. He very well could pull this off if he keeps his mind focused on the end goal of making all of that money. He just has to find passive income streams to make it happen.