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Entrepreneur, Corporate Leader, Journalist — A Glimpse into the Successes of Daniel Mark Harrison


Innovative businessman and High-Spirited Entrepreneur

Among the most important factors of the success of a business is the presence of an entrepreneurial spirit that values innovation. Innovation, particularly in an era of massive technological growth, does not only propel companies forward, but can determine whether they sink or swim.

Small startups with inventive entrepreneurs at the helm have continued to captivate consumers across the globe with new products that challenge industry giants such as Google and Microsoft. These startups play an indispensable role in the progress of the global economy and the shifting identity of the business world. Technology has come as far as it has because of the unrestricted success of these small technology companies. Among the most active players in the startup arena is Daniel Mark Harrison.

An innovative entrepreneur, Daniel Mark Harrison has a finger on the pulse of a number of industries that are on the bleeding edge of technology. He achieved this by staying up to date with global market leaders in the industries such as energy, technology, and finance, among others.

Daniel Mark Harrison & Co.

As the CEO and founder of his business, Daniel Mark Harrison & Co., Harrison uses the information gleaned from winning companies in industries he tracks to inform decisions for his business and investments. In conjunction with its subsidiaries, Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. offers real estate management and  development services to high net worth and ultra-high net worth foreign investors.

Headquartered in Singapore, the company serves South East Asia, China and the UK, where it offers specialized financing plans, including fixed-term rental guarantees, underwritten buyback agreements, and guaranteed earnings assured rental financing.

Furthermore, Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. uses individually customized agreements to offer medium- and short-term investment packages for professionals in the financial industry. The company also serves institutional investors with matters such as underwriter agreements, sales and distribution deals, underwritten trust notes, buyback option counterparty agreements, debt finance and short-term mezzanine equity.

Managing Partner at Monkey Capital

In addition to running his own business, Daniel Mark Harrison is managing partner at Monkey Capital, a highly successful hedge fund. Important to note is the uniqueness of Monkey Capital compared to other investment firms in the market. Unlike traditional big-name firms that predominantly handle transactions, Monkey Capital employs Blockchain systems with the aim of offering global investment services that are decentralized. As such, cryptocurrency assets are at the heart of all transactions.

The popularity of the cryptocurrency that Blockchain circulates around the world continue to increase as time passes. Despite Western economies’ criticism of the volatility of this type of currency, a growing number of people in unstable economies find
the cryptocurrency extremely beneficial as a result of its decentralized property. Monkey Capital is a forward-looking investment company that aims to benefit from the growing demand of the cryptocurrency.

The robust system that supports Blockchain is secure, and few appreciate this more than Daniel Mark Harrison. Granted, most people may not find it easy to intuitively understand the system. That notwithstanding, those who take the time to educate themselves about how it works have been able to gain from carrying out transactions with unprecedented anonymity.

Monkey Capital’s use of the Blockchain network proffers a number of benefits. Among the main advantages of the system is decentralization. Risk factors such as financial  manipulation and hacking are minimized and, in some cases, eliminated because  no single entity has executive control of the entire Blockchain system. To Harrison, these benefits have always been apparent, which is why he has always been enthusiastic about demanding the most superior safety features for investors who subscribed to the Monkey Capital hedge fund.

In July of this year, Harrison, along with other managers at Monkey Capital, launched the company’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Similar to the traditional IPO, the ICO makes it possible for interested investors to invest in the company using cryptocurrencies, i.e. Bitcoin and Altcoin. Rather than receive physical certificates of ownership as with IPOs, investors in an ICO are issued with digital certificates.

Innovative investment solutions offered by the hedge fund have and will continue to improve the lives of investors and ensure that they are always ahead of the herd.

Harrison’s Accomplished Writing Career

Daniel Mark Harrison’s career as an entrepreneur, corporate leaderm and technologist is not the only way that he continues to touch the world. He is also a well-established writer.

You might be curious as to what the impetus is behind his growth as gifted writer all these years. Part of it is the tremendous knowledge he has gained from living in many parts of the word, including the United States, Scandinavia, Europe and Asia.  Having traveled a lot in his prime age is also one of those factors to be considered.

In addition to obtaining a master’s degree in business administration, Harrison also has a master’s in Journalism from New York University. He began as a journalist, later writing for world-renowned publications such as the Wall Street Journal and Forbes, all of which attest to his exemplary skills in writing.

Harrison is one of the featured writers at CoinSpeaker, a well established publication Bitcoin and Altcoin professionals. His numerous contributions to the publications have  helped to buoy the news to the top of its market space. Among his most widely  read pieces is “The End of CoinDesk’s Proxy Index”, a smashing story that  resulted in a certain Chinese exchange being suspended from the index for one  month. His influence can be felt by all, mighty and small.

Throughout his  career, Harrison has written numerous articles for journal papers. That is the  reason behind he is being repeatedly quoted in the journalistic text and  mainstream media on a variety of issues. His astuteness has led to many  invitations for interviews on international Channels such as Bloomberg, Reuters  and CNN.

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