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Executive Background Checks Are A Must In 2018

Think about the last time your organization hired a c-suite executive. Did they go through the same screening process used for all employees? Well, often, the hiring process of a business partner or a high-level executive is fraught with great concern. Why? C-suite executives represent the company’s brand to the media, shareholders, clients, and personnel.

Besides being at the helm of decision making, high-level execs are also privy to a company’s most sensitive trade data, employees information, financial records, and future growth plans. Such high visibility and access to vital company data would need thorough background screening of any senior personnel. That’s what Corporate Resolutions has designed their entire executive background check system around.

The mission is to provide a corporation with in-depth background screening services, to help them know who to trust. Given the current competitive landscape, businesses cannot afford to hire blindly. This could be detrimental to the viability of an entire company’s brand.

Since high-level execs have so much power, their executive background check requires a different approach.

Their screening process provides companies with a confidential, robust and extensive background investigation of fund managers, executive hires, management teams, and business partners. Having such a complete picture of whom you’re dealing with should allow you to transact with confidence.

Why Run An Executive Background Check?

The risks of hiring c-suite executives without proper background checks are far more significant than those of an average employee. Therefore, due diligence cannot be overemphasized when hiring a top-tier exec. A comprehensive background investigation can provide crucial and objective details about their:

• Character
• Past performance
• Credibility
• Qualifications
• Litigiousness
• Previous employment history
• Tax Liens and Financial disputes
• Prior criminal convictions
• Regulatory issues
• Hidden corporate Affiliations and conflict of interest.

Cases of people falsifying their degrees, experience, employment records, references, and identity are not new in the corporate world. Today, even more, executive hires are willing to make such overt misrepresentations. Such can only be uncovered through an exhaustive executive background check.

With their services, directors can avoid potential negligent litigation and embarrassments by choosing the right executive hire.

How Corporate Resolutions Performs Executive Background Checks

Corporate Resolutions has a team of highly qualified investigators that will help a company with everything they need to know about any prospective high-level executive hire.

Once most companies have provided details of a c-suite executive, their investigative analysts will dig through thousands of commercial and proprietary databases, public records and run extensive online searches looking for any red flags.

They are then able to pick on the red flags and remove false positives, allowing them to deliver ace information that will help you make the right business moves and decisions.

They understand how sensitive executive background checks are. Their corporate resolution strategies are speedy, confidential, extensive and compliant with security regulations and corporate ethics. Their team is careful not to offend a co-worker or a potential business partner by brazenly digging into their past.

At Corporate Resolutions, they ensure that their final report is impartial, objective and a true highlight of the key findings and recommendations about the person you’re considering adding to a team. Ultimately, their executive background check helps companies maintain the integrity of a boardroom and is a safeguard for the future of a business.