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Extracting Oil and Examining Reservoirs – How Talos Energy Can Increase the Production of Oil and Reduce Airfares


Based in Houston, Texas, Talos Energy uses various techniques that may augment the production of oil, improve safety, reduce airfares, lessen costs that are related to exploration and help experts who study reservoirs that contain oil. The company implements effective strategies that involve seismic technology, hydraulic fracturing and extensive maps that can evaluate a region’s terrain. The business has discovered numerous reservoirs that are situated in the Gulf of Mexico, and recently, the company found an especially sizable reservoir that is located within 40 miles of Mexico.

Studying the Benefits of New Technology and Examining the Terrain

When Talos Energy utilizes seismic technology, the company’s equipment can generate seismic waves that easily travel through especially deep sections of the ocean. The technology will swiftly generate three-dimensional maps that highlight geographic features that are situated under the surface of the water, and by using seismic technology, the business may examine the types of rocks that the seafloor contains, the sizes of ravines, sections that consist of thick layers of sediment and areas that are relatively elevated.

Unlike many traditional techniques, seismic technology can allow the experts to swiftly determine the depth and the width of each pool that contains oil, and the equipment helps specialists to evaluate small sections that may be connected to other reservoirs. If experts use seismic technology, oil companies could also estimate the volume of oil in each reservoir and evaluate the sediment that might surround the oil.

According to numerous studies, this type of technology may significantly reduce the risk of accidents because specialists can more easily select equipment that is ideal for the terrain. Moreover, the cutting-edge strategies might tremendously decrease the expenses that are associated with exploration, and the techniques help companies to remove the oil more rapidly than they would otherwise.

Extracting Oil From Shale

Shale is an especially common type of rock that may contain quartz, which could notably increase the hardness of the material. Sometimes, the sediment consists of oil shale, and these types of rocks usually provide kerogen. Generally, companies find four types of kerogen in the United States, and the material features numerous organic substances. Once a company distills kerogen, the sediment swiftly provides oil, yet some varieties of kerogen can contain the precursors of natural gas.

Hydraulic Fracturing

While Talos Energy implements numerous strategies that involve hydraulic fracturing, the company uses devices that swiftly create a liquid, which contains water, chemicals and sand. The equipment subsequently adds the liquid to especially thick rock, and the mixture can notably reduce the hardness of the rock and create a path that helps equipment to reach the reservoirs. The techniques significantly increase the number of sizable reservoirs that oil companies can access, yet the strategies also promote safety by eliminating the need for less effective equipment that could slowly permeate the shale.

Numerous reports have shown that the techniques can substantially augment the supply of oil in North America, and throughout the next 16 years, the strategies may reduce the prices of oil by at least 55 percent. Consequently, the techniques can lessen the airfares and reduce expenses that are related to other types of transportation.

Increasing the Number of Wells That Provide Sizable Amounts of Oil

Before seismic technology and hydraulic fracturing were available, many oil wells only extracted small amounts of oil, and these underproducing wells immensely increased the expenses of companies that evaluate terrain, process oil and drill new wells. According to multiple reports, seismic technology and hydraulic fracturing will invariably reduce the number of wells that do not offer significant quantities of oil. Therefore, the cost of a barrel of oil may continue to decrease, and consequently, lower expenses will help airlines to consistently reduce airfares.

Describing Recent Discoveries

In July 2017, Talos Energy found and evaluated a massive reservoir of oil, and while using seismic technology and traditional techniques, the business determined that the pool of oil has a depth of at least 10,000 feet. The reservoir could help the company to produce more than 1.5 billion barrels of oil. The reservoir is situated within sandstone, which is a relatively soft type of rock that will allow the company’s equipment to easily extract the oil. Moreover, the business discovered a nearby reservoir that may be connected to the main pool of oil that the experts found.

Examining Airfares and the Effects of Advanced Techniques

By increasing the amount of oil that the company can extract, Talos Energy may significantly reduce airfares, and numerous evaluations have indicated that the average airfares may soon decrease by more than 35 percent. The increased production of oil might also raise the demand for oil by augmenting the number of drivers who regularly enjoy extended trips. According to numerous surveys, reduced oil prices can even increase the amount of vehicles that Americans buy during each year.

Recently, various reports have shown that the inexpensive airfares could tremendously augment the number of travelers who choose international flights. Once the relatively low fares increase the number of regular customers, airlines can continue to reduce their prices because most flights will contain larger numbers of travelers.

Evaluating the Techniques That Talos Energy Uses

If you have questions about the services that Talos Energy offers, you may view reports that describe reservoirs that the company has found, evaluate descriptions of seismic technology, examine equipment that the business frequently uses and view updates for investors. When you are ready to find out more information about Talos Energy, you can call 713-328-3000.