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Facebook Is Working On Integrating Instagram Direct And Facebook Messenger


Even though Facebook Messenger is nothing more than a spin-off of Facebook, the most popular social media platform on planet Earth, Messenger has piggybacked on the success of Facebook to become one of the most popular platforms itself. According to statistics from March 2019, Facebook Messenger is the third-most-popular social networking app in the United States by means of reach, managing to be used by nearly 58 percent of all American users of mobile devices.

Instagram, which is also owned by Facebook, is the second-most popular social media app in terms of reach, reaching some 65 percent of all American mobile device users.

According to a recent report, Facebook plans on bringing together Instagram’s direct messages with Facebook Messenger. Bloomberg was the first news entity to report on the matter, though the initial sources for the report choose to remain anonymous out of wanting to preserve their positions within Facebook’s corporate ladder.

According to the unnamed sources, Facebook recently made the decision to place all of Instagram’s staff members who deal with direct messaging under the direct supervision of the Facebook Messenger staff.

Just like Facebook’s instant messenger product is known as Facebook Messenger, that of Instagram is known as Instagram Direct. According to the anonymous sources, the appearance and feel of Instagram Direct won’t vary much once its integration with Facebook Messenger is complete, though what will, in fact, be different is the tech that actually powers Instagram Direct.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of Facebook, announced last year that it people using Instagram Direct, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp – all three of these super-popular social media platforms are owned by none other than Facebook itself – should be able to communicate with one another without having to switch platforms. The upcoming integration between Instagram Direct and Facebook Messenger is the first such manifestation of Mark Zuckerberg’s vision to mend these three platforms together.

These sources indicate, however, that not everybody who works for Facebook agrees that this move toward cross-platform integration is a good idea. This is because many people feel that Facebook is not a very safe platform – just look at all the privacy issues that the company has had in the past two years, let alone throughout its entire lifetime – which pushes social media users toward other platforms, such as Instagram or WhatsApp. Because they’re separate, others within the company believe, they’re each able to do so well.