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Fed Chair Claims He’ll Stay If Trump Tries To Fire Him


Mitch McConnell is one of the old Republican lawmakers who still thinks he can get away with dodging questions and acting like he walks on holy water. But McConnell will face a strong opponent in his bid to keep the country in the dark ages for another term. Amy McGrath, a retired Marine officer, and pilot will run against Mitch in 2020. Amy received $2.5 million in donations after she officially challenged McConnell, and that makes her fight credible.

McGrath got off to a rocky start when he said she thought Kavanaugh would be a good Supreme Court justice. But then she contradicted her statement when she got some heat from Democratic donors. She tried to justify her statement about the questionable new Supreme Court justice. But according to the Louisville Courier-Journal, she can’t make mistakes like that and expect to beat McConnell.

The uproar over British Ambassador Kim Darroch resignation will continue now that Diplomats know Trump has the power to make them quit or get them fired for telling it like it is in Washington. Ambassador Darroch’s secret memos about Trump incompetence gave Trump the opportunity to test British officials.

Prime Minister Theresa May stood behind Darroch’s memos. The embattled prime minister said Darroch did his job, and he served his country well. But incoming Prime Minister Boris Johnson stood behind Trump instead of Darroch. Johnson gave the keys to British diplomatic decision-making to Trump, according to some members of parliament.

Diplomats from other countries also wrote secret memos to their government, and the contents of those memos mirrored Darroch’s comments about Trump, according to the New York Times. Trump and his team managed to exclude diplomats when he wanted to make big moves that impact foreign policy. The Diplomats from France and Germany told the press what happened to Darroch could happen to them if their memos suddenly surfaced in the press.

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell hinted the Feds will cut interest rates in July. But Trump still wants to fire Powell for not cutting interest rates sooner to protect his lame economic decisions. But Powell said he plans to serve his four-year term even if Trump tries to fire him. Mr. Powell said Trump may want to fire him, but he can’t do it legally. Powell told the press he will stay in his position even if Trump tries to remove him.